4 Hidden Values of Luxury Bath Mats that You Should Know

Did you ever step out of the bathroom on a terribly cold floor and wished there was something warm beneath your feet? Or after a warm shower, you put your first step on the floor and crash! You’ve slipped and fallen. Whether it is feeling comfort and luxury beneath your feet or preventing slips and falls, whatever may be your priority, nothing meets your requirements better than a luxury bath mat. Your bathroom may have all the modern features like heated ceramic flooring, dual-flush toilet, high-gloss tiles and flush mount lighting but if there is no proper bath mat, alas! You’ve not done enough to level-up the safety of your bathroom. And the next time anyone trips and falls, you already know the reason!

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Are You Yet to Own the 4 Types of Luxury Bath Towels?

After a nice warm bath, the very first thing that you’ll be searching for is a soft and luxurious towel that renders a gentle touch to your skin. Every day after sweating out at the gym, a towel is what you’ll be using to dry off before getting ready to go home. For travelling, packing a lightweight towel is more convenient than one that is heavy and swallows up maximum space. Whatever may be your intent for searching luxury bath towels, fortunately, you can come across a towel that suits your need specifically.

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How to Choose the Best Table Linen for Your Dining Room?

When serving a meal, the taste of the food certainly matters. But what also decides whether your guests, at home or hotel, will feel invited to the dining area is the appearance of the table. Even when you serve the most delectable dish, if the table doesn’t look appealing, your guest may not have the increased urge to taste the dish that you had put in so much effort.

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Top 5 Brands to Trust When Buying Luxury Bath Towels Online

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to wrap themselves in a soft and fluffy towel after a warm bath? Surely, there would be no one! The soft and luxurious feel of a good towel is simply irresistible. Imagine if you had to use a towel with a coarse texture that hardly absorbed any moisture. Undoubtedly, it would turn out to be an everyday post bath nightmare until you buy a new set of luxury bath towels. But trying to determine which luxury towels are the best is an overwhelming task since there are a countless number of brands trying to grab your attention.

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4 Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Bath Towels

You come out of the shower looking for your towel but can’t find it. How do you feel? Disappointment is quite clear from your face! You start searching for your towel and try to remember where you’ve kept it. All this shows that your towel is more than just an ordinary item in your home.

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Bathrobe from a Linen Wholesaler – Purposes that It Serves

Like the many essential things in our lives everyday, a bathrobe has turned out to be a necessity.


What was a symbol of luxury and royalty in the earlier times, over the years, robes gained widespread usage among both men and women. Initially, only men used to wear robes or dressing gowns and enjoyed the comfort.

But by the mid-19th century, women too got their chance to experience the comfort of wearing robes at home and restrict the usage of the uncomfortable corset. It was only in the early 20th century that bathrobes gained popularity and from then, there has been no looking back! Whether it is buying a bathrobe from a linen wholesaler or visiting a luxury linen store, the love for bathrobes has been gaining momentum ever since.Today, a bathrobe is considered to be one of the most useful items at home. From covering yourself up after a shower to wearing it at the beach, a bathrobe is amazing for many reasons. In this blog, we shall discuss the various purposes of a bathrobe that is purchased from a linen wholesaler.

Purposes of a Bathrobe from a Linen Wholesaler

The modern bathrobe is known as one of the most versatile garments. In other words, you can wear a bathrobe for a multitude of reasons.

  • Keeps you warm: This is applicable especially after bath when you are dripping wet. After taking a shower and wiping yourself dry with a towel, the next thing you’ll be searching for is what you should wear and go to your room. Instead of wrapping yourself in a towel, wearing a bathrobe is always a more suitable option as it will keep you dry and absorb moisture if you are still wet. Another time when you cannot overlook a bathrobe’s purpose is during the winters. A bathrobe made of 100% super soft Turkish cotton is an excellent choice for winter as it is not only soft but also provides the kind of warmth you need to endure the coldest temperatures.
  • Great beachwear: Even before the swimsuits became popular, there were the bathrobes that were particularly worn as beachwear. Today, bathrobes are still a popular beach outfit and have also become a fashion statement. When buying a bathrobe online, you’ll come across extensive display designs and materials that are perfect for the beach; wearing a bathrobe will protect you from the sun as well as keep you dry after you get out of the water. So, the next time you are planning to spend a day by the beach, you know what else to carry apart from your towel, sunglass and sunscreen. Don’t you?
  • The most comfortable garment: Arguably, bathrobes are the most comfortable garment to wear any time and in any season. In fact, most people prefer to be in a bathrobe than in any other garment at home! The reason? Because of the comfort factor. From doing your household chores to checking emails or speaking to your clients, you can do it all in a bathrobe. And if you are worried about feeling embarrassed, you don’t have to when you have so many designs and styles available with your linen manufacturer. With shawl collar style, loop for hanging up, belt, pockets, embroidery motifs and various colour options, wearing a bathrobe at home is indeed a style statement that stands for comfort.
  • A bathrobe is a versatile garment. Don’t believe? Here take a look at the three important things you can do wearing a bathrobe.
  • Comfortably waking up: Nothing can beat the comfort of wearing a bathrobe and waking up in the morning. Having your breakfast while you’re in a bathrobe will make you feel as if you’re still in between the sheets when you’ve actually left your bed long enough.

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Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen – Features that Make it Remarkable

The perfect bed linen is such that offers comfort without complaint. In addition to being a long-lasting and breathable fabric, the perfect bed linen is such that bestows a feeling of luxury no sooner than you start using it. After spending a long busy day, all you long for is some restful sleep at night so that you wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated.

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