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How to buy the Softest Hotel Bedding Online?

Almost all hotel owners want to purchase the softest bedding online for their hotel. But only a few know the secret behind having the softest bedding for hotels. Attempting to buy hotel bedding online is a bit more challenging than buying it from the store since you don’t get the opportunity to touch and feel the fabric. You have to make your decision based on the information given about the bedding on the website. Most hotel owners find it difficult in selecting the right bedding for their hotel. What if the bed linens are not soft? What if they are not durable? These fears are constantly clouding their thoughts.

Choosing the softest hotel bedding is essential since it will enable your guests to have a comfortable stay in your hotel. And certainly, you wouldn’t want your guests to check out of your hotel, complaining about the poor quality bedding! In the hotel industry, hotel proprietors mostly swear by cotton bedding as it is the softest material with great durability and breathability factors. However, if you are looking for a change, there are other viable alternatives as well.

But first, you must know all the criteria to buy the softest hotel bedding online so that you can provide maximum satisfaction to your guests.

1. Material: Without having a basic idea of the material type, choosing the softest bedding becomes more an arduous process. You wouldn’t want your investment to disappoint you. That is why gathering the basic knowledge about the various bedding material is a prerequisite. Luxury bedding made from Egyptian and Pima cotton holds a place of special importance in the hotel industry since they are soft and durable. If you are inclined to giving a silky look to your hotel bedding, you can consider purchasing silk hotel bedding; they are wrinkle-resistant and also retain moisture. Sateen sheets are also a good option if you want only the appearance of silk and not the feel. These sheets have a glossy finish but the properties of cotton. Finally comes the material linen and hotel bedding produced from linen are completely value for money. They are light, breathable and absorbs moisture which makes linen hotel bedding a number one choice.

Poly Cotton Satin Stripe Percale Bedding

2. Thread count: Thread count refers to the number of threads that comprise in each portion of the fabric. Most people go around with the wrong idea that bed linens having a high thread count means they are the softest. However, that is not true. The ideal range of thread count is between 200-800 but you must also bear the cost and material factors in mind. For example: buying Poly Cotton Satin Stripe Percale Bedding with a thread count of 400, would fulfill your requirements of having good quality bedding for your hotel. On the other hand, buying low thread count bedding does not mean they are bad. Nevertheless, if you are purchasing 200 thread count hotel bedding, make sure you buy it from a reputed hotel linen manufacturer like Soft Touch Linens. Buying from an established brand assures you of quality and moreover, you can rely upon their finishing and style.

3. Weaving: Considering the weaving style of your hotel bedding is also a deciding factor whether they are soft or rough. Weaving refers to the process of interlacing and arranging the yarn to produce a fabric. Based on the various weaving pattern, there are:

  • Sateen: Bedding made of sateen weave display a lustrous feel and are very soft too. It adds elegance to your hotel room as well.

  • Percale: Having a thread count of minimum 180, percale weaves are durable, plain and crisp. You could have a look at Poly Cotton Satin Stripe Percale Bedding and know exactly how it is.

  • Combed cotton: The reason why this is called ‘combed’ is because this kind of cotton has been combed and as a result, there are only long fibers and no short ones. Hence combed cotton hotel beddings are soft as well as long-lasting fabric.

Conclusion: Selecting the softest hotel bedding online is a challenge that you can easily overcome if you know the factors to consider. By reading the above-mentioned points, now even you will be able to buy hotel bedding online that is the softest and the most comfortable. To know more about hotel bedding products, call us on 028 92698098.

Luxury Hotel Towels

How to Buy Luxury Hotel Towels from a Linen Manufacturer in UK?

Towels are an everyday essential that add more than just color and pattern in your hotel bathroom. Whether your guests are checking in your hotel for one day or spending a weeklong vacation, you must ensure they get the homelike feeling. With the right kind of white hotel towels, you are already a step ahead in providing your guests with the comfort for which your hotel lives up to its name.

When it comes to choosing the perfect hotel towels, you maybe fouled up since there are so many towel materials, sizes, texture, border types and other things to consider. You cannot just pick up any towel that pleases your eye; you need to contemplate whether those luxury hotel towels will satisfy your guest’s expectations.

How do hotel owners pick out their luxury hotel towels?

Hotel owners consider various factors before buying luxury hotel towels for their guests. The important factors are here as mentioned below:

1. Appropriate size: A towel that is of the wrong size can bring about an annoying experience for your patrons. They will struggle to use a hand towel (used for wiping the face) to wipe their entire body after bath. Whether you keep hand towels or bath towels, it must be of the correct size. It is advisable to keep both large bath towels and also small face and hand towels for the convenience of your guests.

2. Weight: It is very important to consider the weight when purchasing white hotel towels. When it comes to considering the weight, make sure the towels don’t become too heavy after getting wet. If you want to give your guests a plush feeling, you can select towels between 15 – 20 lb from your hotel linen supplier. Remember! The denser the towels, the higher absorption power they will have. Whether you use light weight or denser white hotel towels, your guests will surely notice the difference in the materials. Although light weight towels are a great economical choice, for hotels, spas and resorts, heavy weight towels make an ideal choice since they are soft to touch and gives the right bit of luxury to your guests.

Luxury Hotel Towel 600 GSM

3. Material: Choosing the right material goes a long way in offering a good or bad experience to your guests. Among the wide variety of materials available with your bath linen manufacturer, cotton is arguably the best material. But cotton has many more variations like:

  • Supima cotton: Also known as the ‘King of Cotton’ and the reason is quite good enough. Towels made of this cotton comes with stronger fibers that give them the tag of ‘high standard’ towels. If you are searching for a long term investment, you can consider the expensive Supima cotton towels.
  • Egyptian cotton: Luxury hotel towels made of this material are soft, highly absorbent and durable. It is also an affordable alternative to the expensive Supima cotton towels. Egyptian cotton towels is the perfect option for hotels that want to offer luxury to their guests within a budget.
  • Waffle: These towels display a honeycomb pattern and are super light. Even after becoming completely wet, they are very easy to carry around. These towels form a popular choice for hotel owners since it comes with a blend of style and functionality. High absorption power and fast-drying properties make waffle towels a good investment for hotel owners.


4. GSM: GSM or Grams per Square Metre is also a deciding factor that states whether your luxury hotel towels are good or not. Towels made of superior quality have higher GSM number and these kinds of white hotel towels have high absorption power and durability. Superior quality white hotel towels have GSM between 400-700 while standard hotel towels measure between 200-300.

5. Color: White is arguably the best color when it comes to choosing towels for your hotels. White hotel towels add a luxurious look to your hotel bathroom and hence, white has always been the statement color of the hospitality industry. However, to keep with the latest trend that is in vogue, you can go for other colors (in pastel or solid colors) according to your bathroom decor. Your guests will simply love the change!

Conclusion: The secret behind the excellence and preponderance of white hotel towels is now deciphered. Hotel owners across the globe consider the above-mentioned factors while selecting their hotel towels and granting their guests the right kind of comfort that they ardently await for. Call us to get more collections – 028 92698098