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Do You Know The Common Myths About Hotel Bedding?

Customer service and guest satisfaction have been the principle themes prevailing in the hospitality industry from the very beginning. To tell the truth, guest satisfaction has been the foundation on which the hospitality industry has been built.


Luxury or not, hotels hold the reputation of going over and above to attend a guest’s problem. But today’s picture speaks a different story. Most of the workforce in hotels wait for a guest to complain and then make amends. This goes into adversely impacting their online reputation. In fact, a 2018 global study from ReviewPro states that hotels encountered 37.5% negative reviews from various sources.

Failing to observe consumer behavior and taking appropriate measures are the main reasons why some hotels suffer loss in their business. Hence it is high time to stop providing any scope for complaints. Lock the doors that may open to any kind of disappointments from your guests. And the first area that you’ll focus on is buying hotel bedding.

More often than not, when it comes to buying hotel bedding, hotel proprietors get influenced by some myths and end up choosing the wrong bedding. Don’t be a prey to that trap! Allow us to debunk the common myths about hotel bedding and expose the truth.

Egyptian cotton percale

Common Myths About Hotel Bedding

1. Higher thread counts are equal to better quality

Thread count refers to the number of threads comprising in an inch of fabric. Thread count is often a parameter to judge if the bedsheet is of high quality. We are often advised to buy sheets that have a high thread count to get better quality but this isn’t true. A high-quality bed sheet has 200 to 400 thread count since only these number of threads can fit into a limited space. Should the thread count exceeds this, manufacturers use ‘picks’ or extra threads to increase the thread count of the sheets without improving the quality of the finish. If you are given a choice between an Egyptian cotton sheet of 200 thread count and an expensive chenille sheet of 600 thread count, buying the former would certainly concede greater satisfaction.

2. All kinds of cotton feel the same

If you have been believing this myth for so long, it is time to know the truth. How a bed sheet feels depends not only on the material but also on the weaving pattern. If you buy Egyptian cotton percale, it means that the threads criss-cross over and under and are woven tightly that give this product a neat and crisp feel. Another is the sateen weave where the weft (horizontal) threads are weaved tightly together imparting a silky smooth feel and shine on one side of the fabric. Now do you know why sateen bed sheets feel so smooth and silky?

3. Firm mattresses are appropriate for bad backs

People believe this myth with all their heart. They think that firmer mattresses will help to correct their posture while sleeping. However, this is not the case. A ‘firm mattress’ is very different from a ‘supportive mattress’. An appropriate mattress exerts the least amount of pressure while catering to the natural arch of your spine. On the other hand, an extra firm mattress forces your body in an unusual position, exerting extra pressure on your lower back and restricting circulation.

4. The heavier your luxury quilts, the warmer it is

Not really because the fill inside the quilts is actually the deciding factor. In other words, a luxury quilt’s insulating capacity and quality are dependent on the filling. If the quilt has a high fill power it means the filling is light and provides good insulation. Also, considering the material of the quilt filling is important. If it has natural fillings, you’ll enjoy comfort and breathability at the same time. You can choose your luxury quilts of various materials like a feather and down, wool or polyester and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

5. Egyptian cotton sheets – Oh so difficult to maintain and expensive!

According to a majority of the hotel linen manufacturers, buying Egyptian cotton sheets is a smart choice. Just like any other fabric, cleaning an Egyptian cotton sheet is easy and dries quickly too. Besides, they come with an anti-wrinkle feature which means you don’t need to iron the sheets at all. About the price, it all depends on your choice. To get high quality sheets, you need to pay a slightly higher price but in the end, it truly worths it. They last really long and leave no stone unturned in terms of maintenance, quality and appeal.

Conclusion: Have you been a devoted believer in all these myths? Make way for a big change! Contact a leading hotel linen supplier today and buy hotel bedding in a free mind. Have your eyes set on Egyptian cotton sheets with 250 thread count, soft pillows, supportive mattress and comfortable quilts.

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