4 Components That Complete Your Set of Luxury Towels

You may or may not agree but towels do form an important part of our lives. At some point of time everyday, especially after you have taken bath, you will wish to use the best bath towel in the world (like the one you used in a luxury hotel once)in case you don’t own them. A bath towel that doesn’t absorb moisture is difficult to maintain and gets damaged too quickly is so not a part of your happiness.

With so many varieties of towels available today, it is quite natural to get confused – should I buy this white towel? Will this towel be a good absorbent? How long will this towel last? Is this a luxury towel? No wonder why towel shopping is deemed as a challenge for many! Whether you are buying for your personal use or hotel, you need to think twice and even thrice before making a choice.

To make your purchase more organized, in this blog, we’ll discuss the most sought after varieties of the best luxury towels.

Luxury Hotel Towel 600 GSM

Different Types of Luxury Towels

  • Bath towels: These are the most commonly available variety with any linen wholesaler. Purchased both personally and for hotel use, using a soft, fluffy and highly absorbent bath towel is a different type of luxurious experience altogether. A bath towel usually has a dimension of 70 x 130 cm. If you are looking for the perfect luxury bath towel, go for one that has 600 GSM and is composed of 100% Turkish cotton fiber. Such towels are not only the softest, but they also stand for the power of durability and absorption too. With the availability of many linen wholesalers, you could even have the pleasure of choosing the three varieties of bath towels – luxury, classic and standard, each displaying exclusive features, waiting for you to discover!

  • Face cloths: The next popular towel variety is a face cloth. Compared to a regular size bath towel, face cloths are smaller and so they are the ‘smallest member’ of the big towel family. With a size of mostly 30 x 30 cm, as the name suggests, this towel type is perfect to help you dry your face after washing. Moreover, these are easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space – you can quickly pack a few of the face clothes in your travel bag, without having to leave behind any of your items.

  • Hand towels: Hand towels have a dimension of 50 x 90 cm, a little larger than the smallest face cloth. A full set of the best luxury towels isn’t complete unless you have a hand towel in it. If you are looking for a more long lasting material, it is best to buy a Turkish cotton hand towel; besides durability, you also get to enjoy more absorption coupled with softness. You can keep a nice bright colored hand towel by the basin in your dining space so that every time you wash your hands, you don’t have to run for your large bath towel to wipe your hands dry. Hand towels have great usage in beauty salons, parlors, clinics and hotels too.

  • Bath sheets: This variety of towel is the largest one in your bath towel set. That’s right! A bath sheet is larger than your regular bath towel and believe it or not, the joy of using a 100 x 150 cm towel is inexplicable. You get the benefit of extra coverage; as a result, you can wipe your body dry completely as soon as you step out of the shower. Besides, luxury hotels too go for bath sheets at times. The reason? To provide a more luxurious experience to the guests. Bath sheets provide more warmth along with greater absorption power. Hence, if you are looking for a bath towel that will wrap around you completely, consider purchasing a bath sheet; it is going to be your best bath-time friend ever!

Conclusion: So, there you go. That is what you call a complete set of the best luxury towels. And your joy doubles up the moment you buy them from a reputed linen supplier. Wonder why? Given that the comfort, softness and moisture absorption power that you enjoy everyday, you couldn’t have asked for anything better! To know more about our wholesale white towels, reach us on https://softtouchlinens.co.uk/bathroom-products

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