4 Essential Points to Consider When Buying Luxury Bath Mats

It takes only one glance to recognize a luxurious bathroom. From the marble walls and the ornate mirror to the lustrous floor tiles and subtle curtains, the design elements of luxury bathrooms are varied, each playing a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of the space. Speaking on this context, can you name one essential component of the bathroom that strikes the right balance between functionality and aesthetics? Its luxury bath mats.

A bath mat may appear to be a simple addition to the bathroom decor. It improves the safety factor of your bathroom while providing an absorbent and soft surface underneath your feet. Given the availability of bath mats in a range of materials, colours, styles and features, choosing the right one can be a little daunting. Fortunately, there are bath mats to cater to every budget and requirement. So, let’s delve into the details and help you to pick the perfect luxury bathroom mats.

Here we go!

Expert Tips to Select the Right Luxury Bath Mats

Size: The bath mat should be of the appropriate size. Imagine how a teeny-weeny bath mat would look on the expansive floor of your bathroom! But before you determine the size, first, decide where you want to place the bath mat. If it’s outside the shower or bathtub, a larger size would be the right choice. If it’s in front of your sink or toilet, go for a smaller size. For your information, the standard size of a luxury bath mat is 50 x 75 cm, a quite large size and suitable for spacious bathrooms.

Material: Now comes the vital part about choosing a bathroom mat. After all, whether the bath mat will treat your feet gently and also protect you against the wet floor, the material of the luxury bath mats tells it all. As bath mats are highly functional products, it’s vital to choose a material that enhances safety. Cotton is the most preferred bath mat material clearly for these advantages:

Highly-absorbent material; can soak maximum moisture with ease

Easy to clean

Provides a soft base under the feet

However, there’s a catch. Cotton bath mats are sub-divided into several varieties and a 100% Turkish cotton bath mat is crowned as the ‘King of luxury bath mats’. Well, there are reasons for that. Turkish cotton bathroom mats are extremely soft no doubt and have a high absorption power. The slip-resistant texture on the underside keeps it from moving and prevents slips and falls on the wet bathroom floor. And the most striking part? It’s the elegance that emanates from the attractive, simple yet sober design on the surface.

So, with a Turkish cotton luxury bath mat, you’ve actually got the best of three worlds – high absorbency, soft touch for your feet and safety. Wow!

Colour: We may not judge a book by its cover but we do judge a bath mat’s appeal by its colour. Nowadays, you can get a bath mat of any colour you desire – pink, blue, yellow, green, red, maroon, black – you name it and you get it from any reputable linen manufacturers in UK. But will you choose a bath mat of any colour? Certainly, no!

The colour should coordinate with your bathroom decor and redefine it. You can choose bold, solid colours or bath mats with subtle motives and designs. Too confused about which colour to choose? Beat the extravagance of white luxury bathroom mats! Play it safe with white and see how the bath mat becomes the focal point of your bathroom.

Weight: When you buy towels and bathrobes, you consider the weight, don’t you? It’s because the weight decides how plush and absorbent they’ll be. Similarly, when you’re purchasing a bath mat, you need to pay attention to the GSM (gram per square metre) as well.

If you’re looking for plush, durable and highly absorbent bath mats, like the ones used in luxury hotels, pick a higher GSM bath mat, ideally weighing 700 GSM. On the contrary, lower GSM bath mats are lightweight, dry quickly and require frequent replacement.

Ending thoughts: You can find ample varieties of bath mats but choosing the one that fulfils your requirement is the real deal. To keep disappointments at bay and help you take the right decision, you can follow the tips we outlined and marked this blog as your go-to-guide. Want to know where you’ll find a stunning collection of luxury bath mats? Head on to Soft Touch Linens. Our Turkish cotton and 100% rubber bath mats are designed to satisfy your needs.

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