4 Important Reasons to Buy Turkish Cotton Towels

Soft, long-lasting and good absorbency, these are the most sought-after qualities of a bath towel. While bath towels may not occupy a place of importance in your mind, using a highly absorbent and soft towel everyday after bath is an essential prerequisite.

Little do you think about bath towels unless you are at a towel store, battling hard to figure out which towel material is the best, the appropriate colour that will complement your bathroom decor and whether the towel will serve its utility purpose. Nevertheless, we know that a towel that is long-lasting, soft and has good moisture retention capacity, is always on your wish list. Not to forget, it has to be reasonably priced. And if these are your parameters too, it is evident that you are in search of 100% Turkish cotton towels.


A luxury Turkish cotton towel is the kind of bath towel that every buyer would like to return home with. On the other hand, if you are an established hotel proprietor intending to buy white hotel towels, you truly can’t beat the opulence of Turkish cotton towels. Still not convinced? Here, take a look at why buying Turkish cotton towels is an awesome choice.

What Makes Turkish Cotton Towels Awesome?

  • Affordable price: It may sound unbelievable but to buy 100% Turkish Cotton bath towel, you don’t have to shell out unwillingly. Anything great comes at a good price and Turkish cotton towels are exactly that. Should you be looking for a superior quality towel within your budget, considering this towel can never be a poor choice. Moreover, luxury linen manufacturers even offer wholesale white towels at various price ranges based on their customer’s requirement. So, if you are thinking that buying a Turkish cotton towel tantamounts to an expensive purchase, think again. 
  • Soft and smooth: As long and natural fibres, Turkish cotton runs smoothly throughout. Even after undergoing manufacturing procedures, this material retains its softness, the best-known quality of this fabric. Guess what? Even after washing it several times, you can feel the softness on your skin just as you felt it for the first time. And should you have sensitive skin and searching for the perfect towel that won’t cause any irritation, Turkish cotton bath towel can offer you the level of comfort that you have been looking for. 
  • Easy to care: Some luxury towels with a high price tag, also comes along with a complicated maintenance guide. We know how time is precious and you cannot afford to waste an hour behind washing and caring for your bath towel, right? Don’t worry! Turkish cotton towels save you from maintenance trouble. All you need to have is a washing machine and detergent. Just toss it in the washer, add some detergent, wash and dry it well. You have a Turkish cotton bath towel that is almost as good as new even after washing it for five times. 
  • Wide range of colours: Turkish cotton towels are all the more popular since they are available in a wide range of colour options. You can pick out a towel of any shade that enhances your overall bathroom decor. It is useful to know that as a highly receptive fibre, Turkish cotton is very responsive to any colour. Hence, towels of this material are an excellent choice should versatility be on your list. Be it pink, yellow, red, pastel shades or classic white, finding Turkish cotton towels of a suitable colour with your wholesale linen suppliers, is never an arduous task. 
  • Great absorbent and lightweight: Between Turkish cotton and other material types, the battle of moisture absorption is always won by the former. In fact, buyers who have used Turkish cotton towels once have always picked out the same towel again simply because of the high moisture retaining capacity. Not all towel materials will dry you completely but Turkish cotton towels come with a promise of absorbing moisture after shower and drying you quickly enough. Moreover, despite being a luxury towel, its lightweight is surely a feature to leave you impressed.


Conclusion: A bath towel that refuses to absorb moisture, lacks softness and costs too high, is surely disappointing. In comparison, Turkish cotton towels are an excellent luxury item that amplify your bath space and adds to your daily utility at the same time. Therefore, should you want to buy white hotel towels and experience happiness and satisfaction everyday, Turkish cotton towels are items to have your eyes set upon.

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