4 Things That’ll Help You Choose the Best Luxury Hotel Towels

When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.

—- Diane Von Furstenberg

Luxury hotels are a popular attraction for travellers and the reasons are quite evident – luxury and comfort. From the high-quality bed sheet and cosy pillows to the designer lighting and modern furniture, everything counts when it comes to creating an authentic luxurious accommodation experience. Even the luxury hotel towels contribute greatly to having a perception of the hotel’s quality of service. It’s only a matter of a few minutes before your guests form a negative impression if the towels look faded, exhausted and decrepit. And the next step? Posting unfavourable reviews and pictures on hotel booking sites, tarnishing your business reputation.

Choosing high-quality luxury towels can create a world of difference between an unsatisfying stay and a delightful lodging experience. Unfortunately, selecting luxury towels for your hotel is not a straightforward task. But it can become uncomplicated when you follow what we’ll tell in the next section of the blog.

Rules to Know Before Buying Luxury Hotel Towels That Cater to Your Guests’ Expectations

 Weight of the towel: The first factor that you should check is the weight of the towel. You don’t want your guests to struggle due to the heavy weight of the towel just after they’ve had a relaxing bath time, do you? The weight of the towel is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and if you pick a hotel towel weighing 500 GSM, you’ve singled out the right one. Towels weighing 500 to 600 GSM offer the required plush and luxurious feel to guests, as the perfect luxury hotel towels These towels have moderate weight and are extremely soft, absorbent and comfortable.

On the other hand, towels that weigh less than 500 GSM are lightweight and aren’t suitable for luxury hotels. Although they’re economical and dry quickly, towels measuring 300 or 400 GSM won’t create the anticipated luxurious experience.

 For high-end hotels, spas and resorts, 600 GSM hotel towels are the best choice when it comes to producing a comfortable and luxurious post bathing experience.

 Towel fabric: Want your guests to appreciate the quality of your hotel towels? Then make sure they’re made of the right material. Among the wide variety of towel fabrics are available today, cotton is the most sought-after one. But which cotton to choose? There’s Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, Supima cotton and Pima cotton.

 As stated by a leading hotel linens supplier in the UK, selecting 100% Turkish cotton towels is ideal if you want your guests to enjoy the high-quality feel in tandem with superior absorbency. Towels made of Turkish cotton are a popular choice in upscale establishments particularly because they’re softer to touch, long-lasting and highly absorbent. They get softer with every wash and are more resilient to fraying unlike other cotton varieties.

Size: Hotel towels come in various sizes and each size serves a purpose for your guests.

 The face towel is the smallest one measuring 30 x 30 cm. Your guests will need a soft, clean face towel for wiping the face after a good face wash or facial.

Hand towels measure 50 x 90 cm and are particularly convenient for drying the hands instead of using a bigger bath towel after hand washing.

Bath towels are a vital bathroom accessory and the reason is good enough. Your guests will require a soft and absorbent material to dry their bodies and hair after a shower. The standard bath towel size is 70 x 130 cm.

 Bath sheets are a larger version of bath towels. With a dimension of 90 x 150 cm, bath sheets offer maximum comfort, absorbency, coverage and convenience while drying the body and hair.

Visual appeal: How the towels look at first glance is another important consideration. The towels might be very good absorbent. Perhaps they’re very soft and cosy. But if they don’t look appealing, your guests will be hesitant to use them.

 When choosing luxury towels, make sure the edges have close and secure stitching. These features denote superior craftsmanship and stand for great durability.

Speaking of colour, white is the signature colour for a majority of high-end hotels. Do you know why? Immaculate, pristine white towels connote luxury, sophistication and refinement. Besides, the colour effortlessly complements any bathroom décor.

Final words: Selecting the best luxury hotel towels is certainly a challenging and time-taking task. From the wide array of towel fabrics, colours and sizes, choosing hotel towels that would meet your patrons’ expectations and anticipations requires careful consideration of the above-mentioned factors. Since you’re looking for premium quality luxury hotel towels, you can consider checking out the luxury towels collection of Soft Touch Linens. Available in four distinct categories, the luxury towels are distinguished for their ultra-soft feel, luxuriousness, durability and high absorbency.

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