A 3-Point Checklist for Shopping High-Quality Luxury Bathrobes

The bathrobe is a fantastic piece of garment that has been ruling the world of fashion since ancient times. After several modifications and undergoing evolutions, what we have today is the simply gorgeous and elegant luxury bathrobes. Besides connoting luxury, a soft, cozy bathrobe is just the type of garment you need while enjoying spending your quality time at home.

Getting luxury bathrobes is certainly the best way to recreate the upscale hotel and spa level personal experience at home. Bathrobes are specifically designed to meet our desires and offer the kind of comfort we’re looking for. Unfortunately, due to the plethora of design, material, style and color options available today, selecting the best bathrobe often becomes a daunting task. To create an unerring bathrobe shopping experience, we’re going to provide you with some useful tips. So, keep reading!

Things to Remember When Shopping Luxury Bathrobes

What’s the fabric?

 Choosing the right bathrobe material is a kind of deal-breaker; the fabric of the bathrobe plays a crucial role in making or breaking the luxurious experience. In addition, whether the bathrobe is durable enough to sustain regular usage or requires frequent replacement, a lot of it depends on the bathrobe material.

The type of material you’ll choose also depends on the way and how often you intend to use it. For instance, if you want a bathrobe that you’ll wear after a bath or while doing your household chores, you can consider buying a Turkish cotton luxury bathrobe. The fabric is incredibly soft, absorbent and long-lasting. Weighing 400 GSM, Turkish cotton luxury bathrobes are lightweight yet their plushness never go underrated. They wrap you in luxury, rendering a wonderful velvety touch and an impressive look after wearing.


 Bathrobes today are available at different lengths. Whether you want a knee-length bathrobe or one that goes down till the calf or ankle, you can find a robe of your required length easily. However, the length of the bathrobe is directly related to the gender of the wearer. In other words, you’re likely to find the length of ladies bathrobes till the mid-thigh while men bathrobes cover till mid-calf or ankle.

When choosing the appropriate bathrobe length, the height of the wearer must also be considered. If you’re too tall, a very short bathrobe might make you feel awkward. On the contrary, a short person wearing a XXL or XXXL bathrobe will be a fashion disaster. Thus, be sure about the bathrobe’s measurements before purchasing to suit your expectations.


 Choose a bathrobe color that will reflect your sense of style, taste and personality. Luxury bathrobes come in an assortment of colors from which you can select a hue that describes you the best. If you take a look at Soft Touch Linen’s Terry Waffle bathrobe collection, you’ll find their silver grey, anthracite and camel colors as soft, soothing and sophisticated shades. There’s no doubt that the soft pastel shades will make you look graceful, to say the least.

On the contrary, if you’re confused about whether you should look good in a maroon or beige bathrobe, you can always stick to the eternally beautiful white bathrobes. Agree or not, when it comes to luxury bathrobes, white is the first color (and perhaps the last!) that generally comes to our mind. Even the luxury hotel bathrobes in UK that are manufactured particularly for the hospitality industry, come in no other color but pristine white, the color that denotes luxury, elegance and gracefulness at their best.

Shop the Best Quality Luxury Bathrobes at Soft Touch Linens

Soft Touch Linens is a renowned and reputable linen manufacturing company producing high-quality luxury bathrobes. Made of 100% Turkish cotton yarn, the bathrobes are characterized by distinct features like ultra-softness, high absorbency and great durability. Manufactured using advanced techniques and technology, the bathrobes combine stylish features to render a sophisticated and appealing look to the wearer.

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