A Hotelier’s Guide to Choosing the Best Hotel Blankets Online

The blanket is technically a piece of wool, but it has its own benefits beyond letting you get a goodnight’s sleep. It confines the radiant heat of your body and warms you up. When you are in your hotel bedroom, and the climate of the place takes a tumble, a blanket is an ultimate savior that gives you the soft and cozy warmth you need. Their benefits may go unseen sometimes, but when it comes to purchasing the best blanket for your hotel bedrooms, it takes a lot of care and attention.

Some Tips to Choose the Best Blanket for Hotel Bedrooms

If you think choosing a blanket simply means picking up different colours and designs, you may want to reconsider your opinion. However, if you own a hotel, you must consider your bedding choices as they reflect the room’s style statement whenever a guest enters it. You can buy bedding materials as well as hotel bath products online as the online stores provide a wide range of products to choose from, without visiting a shop. Some of the things you can keep in mind while picking the same include:

Choosing the Perfect Size: Before buying a blanket, you must measure the size of your mattress to tuck in the blanket around the sides and bottom. Your blanket should be few extra inches long so that it doesn’t fall short for your guests, irrespective of their height and size. Though every manufacturing company has their measurements, the classic blanket lengths mostly range from 90” *65 to 90” *110.

Appropriate Fabric: Choosing the best fabric for the blankets in your hotel rooms can be a bit tricky. Your guests can have their own individual preferences, some may like a fuzzy blanket, some go for smooth texture, while few people can have some allergy concerns. So, if you are a hotelier you must be very considerate while purchasing the fabric. However, the most common fabrics that are used in blankets are cotton, wool, down, cashmere, synthetics, fleece, etc. You can also choose from the wide range of hotel blankets online to save time.

Types of Weave: Various weaves offer a diverse amount of warmth and weight. For instance, thermal weaves are generally used in cotton blankets to let the air circulate freely. They are lightweight and mostly used in the summer months. Made from synthetic materials, knit weaves are heavy-weighted and keeps you warm in winters. The conventional weave is used to build insulation for body warmth. You can also consider buying your bedroom products like blankets or quilts with the perfect weave, along with other hotel bath products online.

Electric Blankets:  Typically made from synthetic products, an electric blanket is widely used in hotels as it lets the guests adjust the temperature according to their comfort. It also offers dual controls so that if two people are sharing the same bed but want different temperatures, they can program it accordingly. It is, however, important to remember that you do not let your guests put another blanket over the electric blanket and also try to keep it away from kids.

Conclusion: So, we have provided a detailed understanding of the points that you should consider before buying a blanket for your hotel bedrooms. Soft Touch Linens is the leading hotel linens supplier of bedroom, tabling, and kitchen products. We offer top-class toiletries supplies and Hotel bath products online as well.

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