A Quick Guide to Selecting the Best Hotel Blankets Online

When a customer checks into a hotel, he/she expects to be provided with the best services and amenities to feel comfortable and enjoy a superior customer experience. And when we talk about various facets adding to the quality of service and comfort level for the guests, enjoying sound sleep scores quite high. This is where a thick and soft, high premium blanket can ensure your guests enjoy their sleep in cosy comfort. The upside of enjoying such a sleep is that your guests may spread the word about the excellent service quality of your hotel. Hence, considering the importance of a blanket in delivering a high level of comfort for your guests when they sleep, you should be careful about choosing the right one. Here we give you some tips about the things to consider when you buy hotel blankets online.

Things that make the difference between ordinary and premium hotel blankets online

A blanket should be thick enough to give the look and feel of being premium. It should also be light enough to give a cloudlike comfort for a good night’s sleep. Since hotels, big or small, look to provide the best quality service to their guests, they should take a lot of care in selecting and buying the right blankets in bulk from the best linen wholesaler in UKIn this blog, let us share the qualities of a blanket that make it premium.

The fabric

The quality of a blanket depends greatly on its material. As blankets are made of different kinds of fabric with each one having its unique advantage, you have to choose the one that fulfils your need.

Cotton: Cotton blankets are widely used in summer as well as winter based on their weave. As cotton is a natural fibre, it is excellent for those who prefer a green lifestyle or suffer from allergies.

Wool: Woollen blankets are excellent for a colder climate, wherein you need excellent insulation. Furthermore, as woollen blankets are heavy, they look and feel premium.

Down: Down blankets are soft and light and are primarily used as summer blankets. In these blankets, you will find a layer of feathery down between two layers of fabric.

 Cashmere: These are the ultimate in the luxury blanket category. They are warm to the touch and are soft as silk. If you have an upscale hotel that offers world-class service, then this blanket is the right choice to offer comfort to your discerning guests.

Fleece: These blankets are ideal for children because they are extremely cosy, warm, and light.

Vellux: Most hotels that buy hotel blankets online in bulk opt for this material. These blankets are very durable, soft, warm, and easy to wash. They have a velvety texture that gives them a premium feel.

The right size

The size of the blanket also matters. You don’t want to provide your guests with a small-sized blanket that would be inadequate for their needs. A blanket that is too small to share will make the sleeping experience extremely uncomfortable (for couples). The blanket should be large enough to cover the entire bed and more, which could be tucked in and around the side and bottom of the mattress.

The weave

Different types of weaves result in different levels of warmth that a blanket provides. If your hotel is located in the colder region, then choose a close-knit weave that will provide better insulation.


As you have seen, there are many points to consider when choosing the right blanket. However, the most important one is the level of warmth it provides. The others that include the fabric type, the size, and the weave can help you to narrow down your choice. As a blanket can last for a long time you must select the same carefully. It should satisfy the needs of your guests and also adhere to the premium quality that your brand promotes. Soft Touch Linens is the best place to find premium quality hotel blankets online. To check out our product, visit https://softtouchlinens.co.uk/bedroom-products/blankets

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