Are You Yet to Own the 4 Types of Luxury Bath Towels?

After a nice warm bath, the very first thing that you’ll be searching for is a soft and luxurious towel that renders a gentle touch to your skin. Every day after sweating out at the gym, a towel is what you’ll be using to dry off before getting ready to go home. For travelling, packing a lightweight towel is more convenient than one that is heavy and swallows up maximum space. Whatever may be your intent for searching luxury bath towels, fortunately, you can come across a towel that suits your need specifically.

Sometimes a bath towel is not the ideal kind that you would want to use every time you wash your hands or face. Neither is carrying a face towel in your gym a great idea. At times, you may find yourself wishing for something bigger than a bath towel! We know that your secret desire for towels is not confined to their softness or splendour at all times and size becomes the centre of attraction. Hence, in this blog, we shall highlight the various types of luxury towels that you should own.

Types of Luxury Bathroom Towels

Face Cloth: Till now you’ve seen (perhaps even used) the largest bath towel, but do you know that the towel family also has the smallest member? Yes, and it’s the face towel! With a size of approximately 30 x 30 cm, the face towel, as the name suggests, can be used to pat your face dry quickly. Use it after facial or whenever you wash your face, a high-quality face cloth promotes better skincare all the time. Besides, it can be carried around in your bag easily.

Bath Towel: Luxury bath towels are the ones that are made of 100% Turkish cotton. These soft, super absorbent and plush bath towels are ideally what you’ll want to pamper your skin with everyday after a bath. Although a little smaller than the largest bath sheet, with a standard size of 70 x 130 cm, you can easily dry yourself and wrap a bath towel around before stepping out of the bathroom. And no! You don’t have to struggle while wrapping a 70 x 130 cm bath towel.

Bath Sheet: Now we come to the largest member of the towel family – Bath Sheets. Compared to the regular bath towels, bath sheets are larger measuring around 100 x 150 cm. And this large size is what magnifies the usefulness of this type of towel. Extremely soft, super absorbent and plush, the Turkish cotton bath sheets are worth having an eye for. Not happy with a bath towel’s size? Want that extra coverage? A bath sheet will surely enable you to wrap it around more comfortable. Oh! And don’t miss out the extra warmth and comfort that it has to offer.

Hand Towel: If there are towels for your face and body, why should your poor hands be the odd one out? Let’s admit that our palms are the greatest sources of germs and washing with soap and water (using sanitizer as well) are the only ways to check the spread. And while we are doing these, the harmful microbes are removed but along with this, we are also losing the softness. This is where a good hand towel comes to play; a soft and absorbent hand towel will work in the best way to quickly dry your hands with no need to rub them vigorously.

Conclusion: Material, colour, weight are all important factors to consider when purchasing towels. Coupled with these is the size that you should take a good note of when looking for towels that cater to your needs. Whether you’re searching for a luxury bath towel for everyday use or a towel that is smaller than that, the above-mentioned list contains all types of towels to suit your purpose. Not every linen store is a one-stop destination to find all the types of towels listed above. But at Soft Touch Linens, explore a wide range of premium quality luxury towels that are available in various colours and sizes.

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