What is GSM in Luxury Hotel Towels and Why does It Matter?

Towels are an everyday essential that add more than just colour and pattern to your bathroom. And the feeling of finishing a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a plush and fluffy bath towel is incredible. Have you ever used luxury hotel towels in a five-star hotel and loved them so much that you just wanted to keep them with yourself? Frankly speaking, we all have the same urge every time we enter a luxury hotel! After all, a towel that is incredibly soft, long-lasting, and has good moisture retention capacity, is always on your wish list.

If you are a hotelier, you might already know that luxury towels are one of those amenities that empower a guest’s experience of staying in a hotel. But, did you know that one of the most important factors that need to be considered while choosing the right towels for your hotel bathroom is the GSM? You may have seen this term but do you know what it actually means and why it matters so much? In this guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the role of GSM in towels. Keep reading till the end.

What is GSM in Luxury Hotel Towels and Why does It Matter?

  • What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for “grams per square meter” and is a measure of a towel’s weight. Ranging between 300 to 900, the GSM is directly aligned with a towel’s performance, feel, and quality and is used for both cotton and bamboo towels. Towels that have a lower GSM tend to be less dense and fail to absorb much water. Luxury hotel towelson the other hand, often have a higher GSM which indicates that they are softer, thicker, and offer superior absorbency than regular towels.

  • Why does GSM in towels matter?

As mentioned earlier, a luxury hotel towel can vary anywhere between 300 to 900 GSM, and the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the towel. A lot of people don’t like heavyweight luxury towels because managing them once they get wet can be challenging. If you live in the UK or surrounding areas and want to tackle this weight problem, contact a reputable towels supplier in UK and buy luxury towels that are neither too light or too heavy; that is, towels that have a medium weight.

However, a lighter-weight GSM towel feels lighter and a bit less plush but will be easier to wash. On the other hand, towels with high GSM are super-soft and highly absorbent but can be challenging to wash. So, the choice is completely yours!

  • Types of Towel Weights and Their Importance

300-400 GSM: These towels are thinner and lightweight which means that they’ll dry faster and make them ideal for a gym towel or a kitchen towel. However, these types of towels are rougher in texture than their counterparts and can’t be used as bath towels.

400-600 GSM: Most bathroom towels fall inside this scope of thickness. A towel in the 400 to 600 GSM range is considered mid-weight and is easy to care for. These towels are soft, absorbent, and offer a luxurious post-bathing experience.

Did you know, one of the reasons behind the popularity of Turkish cotton towels is that they weigh between 500-600 GSM which can offer you the level of comfort that you have been looking for.

600-900 GSM: These types of towels are extremely absorbent, comforting to be wrapped in, and kind to the skin. However, being heavier in weight, they take longer to dry off.

The Bottom Line:

If you prefer lightweight and quick drying features, select a towel collection with a lower GSM. If you enjoy thick and heavy towels, a higher GSM will be more suitable. Should you be looking for the best towels at reasonable rates, reach out to us. At Soft Touch Linens, we provide an exclusive collection of luxury hotels towels that are available in various materials, colours, and sizes. For more details, visit our website.

Top Luxury Bathrobe Materials for You to Choose From

Bathrobes are symbols of luxury. Whether to cover up from the sun at the beach or relaxation center or bundle up after taking your bath- luxury bathrobes have many advantages. Added to that, with embroidery motifs, loop for hanging up, pockets, shawl collar style, belt, and various colour options, wearing a bathrobe at home is indeed a style statement that stands for luxury and comfort. They can not only recreate the upscale hotel and spa level personal experience at home but also offer the kind of comfort you are looking for.

If you are a hotelier, you might already know that when it comes to treating your guests right, providing them with the best bathrobe is the perfect way that can make all the difference for them. Your guests will have the opportunity to unwind and relax in a new way and feel special. However, with so many types of materials available today, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To help you out, we have highlighted some of the most popular bathrobe materials that you can opt for.

Top Luxury Bathrobe Materials for You to Choose From

Most Popular Luxury Bathrobe Materials for You to Choose From

There are various types of luxury bathrobe materials that can make you fall in love with bathrobes all over again. Some of them have been listed below.

  • Balmoral Toweling Bathrobe

Waking up wearing a Balmoral toweling bathrobe can not only make you feel like you are still snuggled in your bed but is also the perfect way to start your day. In addition to having two large front pockets, these luxury bathrobes feature a shawl collar style and are available in various designs and patterns. It has a thickness of 400GSM per square meter and is one-size-fits-all.

  • Terry Bathrobes

Mostly made of Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton, cotton terry bathrobes are one of the most popular choices for personal use as well as for the hospitality business. So, whether you want to gift the bathrobe to your friend on his/her birthday or just want to slip into it after a refreshing shower, a terry bathrobe is certainly the robe you can opt for. It’s soft, durable, available in two amazing colours- silver grey and anthracite, and has a thickness of 400GSM per square meter.

  • Turkish Cotton

You may already know that Turkish cotton is vividly used for manufacturing numerous products such as bath mats and luxury towels. You can either buy these hotel bath products online or visit a store that has the best collection. But did you know, Turkish cotton is also used to make elegant and soft luxury bathrobes? They have a wonderful velvety feel, great water absorption qualities, and are generous in fit.

  • Cotton Velour

Velour is a piled fabric that makes it feel a lot like velvet. The bathrobe comes in nine shades and has soft cuffs and a roll-up collar. Added to that, it also features a sturdy hanger loop for easy storage, a tie at the waist, and two front pockets. However, the most amazing thing about cotton velour bathrobes is that their inside is designed with an absorbent terry cloth lining, while the bathrobes boast a cuddly and soft microfiber material on the outside.

Wrapping Up

Bathrobes are very important; they make us feel comfortable and give us a sense of luxury. But remember, whether the bathrobe requires frequent replacement or is durable enough to sustain regular usage, a lot of it depends on the bathrobe material. So, should you be looking for bathrobes that are soft and durable, reach out to us. With numerous years of experience in the linen manufacturing industry, Soft Touch Linens offers premium-quality luxury bathrobes at competitive rates. Want to explore our exclusive collection of bathrobes? Well, visit our website today!

Why Should You Choose White Hotel Towels Over Coloured Towels?

Who doesn’t like to conclude a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a fluffy and soft bath towel? The affinity for luxury hotel towels isn’t a mystery anymore; it is for the amazing softness, durability, high quality, and comfort that people want to buy them whenever they are shopping around for hotel bath products online. Moreover, there are so many ways you can use the towels; lay on them at the beach, use them to dry off after a bath or shower, clean with them, and dry your dishes with them as well. Towels are everywhere!

If you are a hotelier, you might already know that the soft and fluffy towels are one of the first things guests notice when they enter the bathroom. However, when you are shopping around for towels, there is a ton of choice: different types of cotton, colours, styles, and weights. But when it comes down to the colour, most hoteliers and homeowners prefer buying white hotel towels. White towels not only hold a simple, timeless appeal but also add a touch of class and a dose of coziness to the bathroom. In this blog, we will highlight some of the top reasons why you should choose white hotels towels over other options.

hotel bath products online

Reasons Why You Should Choose White Hotel Towels Over Coloured Towels

Want to know the reasons behind the popularity of white hotels towels among the hoteliers and homeowners? Well, here’s why they are the best option.

  • Easier to Clean

You might already know that dark towels impart colour and also fade over time. Hence, to maintain your coloured towels, you may also need to purchase numerous products such as colour-absorbing sheets and specific detergents. A white hotel towel, on the other hand, does not fade colours even after being washed numerous times. You can use hot water as well as regular detergents to keep them clean without damaging the towels.

  • Highly Durable

As mentioned above, coloured towels are prone to fading and thus need to be replaced quite often. On the other hand, white hotel towels can withstand the test of time and last longer than many other colourful towels available today.

When buying hotel bath products online, hoteliers prefer Turkish cotton towels. Their softness, luxurious appeal, and moisture retention attribute don’t change even after being regularly washed and used.

  • Renders a Classic Look

A hotel room looks like a hotel room because of certain items. From buying luxury white bathrobes to purchasing Egyptian cotton bedding from a reputable luxury bedding supplier in UK, you will try to do everything to provide your guests with a great experience. Besides these amenities, white hotel towels play a great role in amplifying the room’s decor. They not only look elegant and sleek but can also enhance your overall bathroom decor. Added to that, they can never look outdated and can help you create a relaxing space.

  • Blends with any Bathroom Décor

Whether your bathroom is light-coloured or dark-coloured, white hotel towels will always match the décor and seamlessly blend in with any style or setting. They have a crispy appearance and stand out on their own, making your bathroom look luxurious and well-maintained.

Wrapping Up

White hotel towels never, ever go out of style and always helps you level up the aesthetic appeal of the room. Should you be looking for a store that provides the best hotel bath products online, reach out to us. At Soft Touch Linens, our exclusive range of luxury towels is distinguished for their premium quality and a wide variety. Manufactured using the finest Turkish cotton yarn, the towels are very soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. Whether it is the Classic Anthracite, Luxury, Standard, or Leisure and Spa towels, brace yourself for the most comfortable experience everyday.

Why is Egyptian Cotton Bedding Considered the Best?

After spending a long busy day, what’s the one thing we all long for? Some restful sleep at night so that we wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated. Isn’t it? But, when talking about a good night’s sleep, plush and comfortable bedding is the first thing that comes to our mind. After all, without proper bedding, getting your daily dose of sleep at night can be a pressing issue. Did you know, as a perfect bedding component, nothing beats the luxury, appeal, and softness of Egyptian cotton bedding? In addition to being light, strong, breathable, and durable with a high thread count, Egyptian cotton is known for serving the highest quality among its cotton counterparts.

Egyptian cotton comes from the species Gossypium Barbadense and is hand-picked to prevent breaking the long fibers. These fibers are, then, spun into extra-fine threads and finally woven into a high-quality fabric. In this blog, we have highlighted some of the top reasons behind the popularity of Egyptian cotton bedding. Keep reading till the end.

Why is Egyptian Cotton Bedding Considered the Best?

Qualities that Make Egyptian Cotton Bedding the Best

You know, there are numerous reasons why most hotel proprietors choose Egyptian cotton bedding over regular cotton. Some of them have been discussed below.

  • Highly Durable

One of the main reasons why most hoteliers use Egyptian cotton bedding in their hotel bedrooms is that when compared to other fabrics, Egyptian cotton offers the highest durability and can last for over a decade. The longer fibers make the bedding softer and more flexible, which ultimately increases its longevity. So, if you take proper care of it, you won’t have to keep replacing your bed sheets every six months.

In addition to that, sheets made of Egyptian cotton do not pill even after many washes nor do they produce much lint.

  • Higher Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads in each square inch, which plays a very important role in how the fabric feels. Higher-thread-count sheets, like the ones made from Egyptian cotton, are made with finer (thinner) yarns. So, the higher the thread count, the softer, denser, and more luxurious the material will feel.

Being the leading luxury bedding supplier in UK, a strongly recommend people to buy bedding that has a thread count between 200 and 800.It is considered the golden standard and can offer the most comfortable and luxurious feeling.

  • Breathability

Another best thing about Egyptian cotton bedding is that the high thread count allows for more air to pass through the bedding, helping you sleep in the most comfortable way. So, if are one of those people who struggle to sleep at night due to sweating, Egyptian cotton sheets can be the perfect choice. Moreover, you can use them in combination with a breathable mattress for optimal temperature regulation.

  • Ultra-Soft & Skin-Friendly

Should you be looking for bedding that ensures an extended fluffy and wonderfully soft feel against the skin, look no further. Egyptian cotton fibers are hand-picked puts lesser stress on fibers and helps them stay stronger and softer for a long time, even if they’re washed very frequently. Added to that, being a hypoallergenic material, Egyptian cotton bedding offers the best skin-friendly features and are perfect for people suffering from eczema.

The Bottom Line

Apart from these, Egyptian cotton bedding has many other benefits. They are eco-friendly and does not have any synthetic pesticides. Added to that, the strong yarn of  Egyptian cotton results in a fabric that’s not only strong and flexible but also highly durable. So, should you be looking for a store that offers the best collection of Egyptian cotton bedding reach out to us. At Soft Touch Linens, our premium linen range is certainly going to leave you impressed. To explore our exclusive collection, visit our website.

Buying Luxury Hotel Towels Remember These Points!

Luxury hotel towels are one of the most essential bathroom accessories that serve both utility and aesthetic purposes. After all, everyone likes to finish a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a soft and fluffy bath towel. Particularly the hotels, spa centers, and resorts are heavily dependent on this basic item. For instance, if you are a hotelier, you need to make sure you provide your guests with a nice stay at the hotel.

Remember, the fluffy, soft towels are the first thing guests notice when they enter a hotel bathroom. Added to that, when you choose the perfect luxury hotel towels, you are already a step ahead in offering your guests the comfort for which your hotel lives up to its name. However, choosing the right towels is not an easy task. You have to consider various factors that affect a towel’s performance, feel, appearance, softness, and longevity. So, if you are looking for a soft, cozy, and beautifully absorbent luxury towel for your guests, you must make your choice diligently after considering the following factors. Read on!

Buying Luxury Hotel Towels? Remember These Points!

Points to Consider When Buying Luxury Hotel Towels

  • Appropriate Size

Did you know, towels are available in various sizes and each size serves a purpose for your guests. For instance, if your guests need a clean and soft towel to wipe their faces after a good facial or face wash, a face towel can be the ideal option. It is the smallest one that measures around 30 x 30 cm.

Similarly, if you are looking for a towel that can be conveniently used to dry the hands after a hand wash, hand towels can be your go-to towel. Next comes the choicest bathroom accessory, a bath towel. The standard size of a bath towel is 70 x 130 cm and it’s the best choice for hoteliers to add some more comfort & relaxation to the post-bathing experience for their guests.

Being a renowned towels supplier in UK, we offer a wide array of towel sizes that are tailored to meet various purposes. Some of these hotel towels include hotel and spa towels, bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels, among many others.

  • Weight of the Towel

In addition to the size, the weight of the towel is also an important factor to consider while choosing the right towels for your hotel. The weight of the towel is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and the ideal weight of a hotel towel is considered to be 500 GSM. Luxury hotels towels weighing 500 GSM offer a luxurious feel and also the required softness to your guests.

  • Select the Right Fabric

A lot of people think that there is nothing better than a cotton towel. Well, it’s true that cotton towels have always been popular for their softness and absorbency power, but Turkish cotton towels particularly are ‘functional beauty’. Made from extra-long fibers, Turkish cotton luxury towels are well-known for their super-softness, sophisticated appeal, absorbency power, comfort, and durability.

  • Visual Appeal

How a luxury hotel towel looks at first glance is another important consideration. So, while choosing towels, make sure the edges have close and secure stitching. These features stand for great durability and denote superior craftsmanship.

In terms of colour, white is the most preferred colour for a majority of hotels. White towels not only connote sophistication, luxury, and refinement but also complement the bathroom décor.

Wrapping Up

So, next time when you buy a hotel towel, try to remember the above-mentioned points. At Soft Touch Linens, we offer an exclusive collection of luxury hotels towels at reasonable rates. Added to that, we also provide various bathroom products such as bath mats, luxury bathrobes, and more. For more details, call us today.

What are the Top Qualities of a Luxury Bath Mat?

Whether to renovate the bathroom or to spruce up the existing space for the season, hoteliers as well as homeowners leave no stone unturned to make sure it looks luxurious and appealing. From buying premium-quality hotel bath products online like luxury bath mats, top-quality towels, and perfectly patterned shower curtains, to choosing the best lighting accessories, you want to ensure that everything is done in the best way. However, a lot of people overlook the importance of a bath mat.

Bath mats play an important role in the bathroom more than just being a surface for wet feet to dry on. A carefully-chosen mat adds a splash of colour to an otherwise dull space and ties your bathroom design together through modern designs and patterns. When we step out of the bathtub or shower, it is nice to have a soft, plush, and warm place for our feet to land. Good-quality bath mats are extra-absorbent and offer non-skid features to prevent slips and also protect your bathroom from long-term water damage. In this blog, we will highlight some of the best qualities of a luxury bath mat. Keep reading till the end.

What are the Top Qualities of a Luxury Bath Mat

Top Qualities of a Luxury Bath Mat

Prevents Slips & Falls

One of the biggest advantages of having a bath mat in your home or hotel rooms is that it prevents slips and falls. As a rubber bath mat kept in front of your bathtub or shower will give your feet some grip when bathing, you can be safe from any potential falls in the shower.

However, while choosing hotel bath products onlineespecially bath mats, make sure you buy them from a leading company as they will not only be highly functional but long-lasting as well.

Protects Your Surface

Whether you have hardwood, tile, or any other type of flooring in your bathroom, you want to protect it from water. Did you know that in addition to providing you with a safe surface to stand on, bath mats offer protection to your surfaces as well? Yes, they absorb excess water and prevent it from soaking into the areas where water can seep in and cause damage to your flooring. So, it won’t be wrong to say that if you use bath mats in your bathrooms, you can also save on costly replacements and repairs.

Tie the Room Together

While buying the right bed linen from a luxury bedding supplier in UK is important for a good night’s sleep, a soft and absorbent bath mat adds to your comfort and also enhances the aesthetic value of your bathroom, and ties the room together. You can coordinate your shower curtain with your hand towels while keeping a stylish bathroom mat as a centerpiece.


Wet floor spots are unhygienic and create a slippery surface which can ultimately become a safety hazard for the user. However, as a premium-quality is highly absorbent, it can prevent puddles, saving you and others from walking on damp tiles. For instance, bath mats, made of Turkish cotton are soft, come with high absorption power, and are excellent at providing an anti-slip.

Final Thoughts

The best way to blend functionality with a reflection of your personal style in your bathroom is to use luxury bath mats. Should you be looking for the best bath mats, you can consider getting in touch with us. At Soft Touch, you can buy top-quality hotel bath products online such as luxury bath mats, towels, and bathrobes among others. Produced from the finest Turkish cotton yarn, our exclusive collection of bath mats, towels and bathrobes flaunt a stunning look and their softness is simply incredible. To get in touch with us, call us today.

Top Reasons Why Waffle Bathrobes are the Best Choice

Bathrobes are one of the most amazing products that define the best of both worlds –necessity as well as luxury. It’s a little something to splurge on, a small luxury. They can make your morning routine a bit more pleasant and also help you stay warm. And after a long relaxing shower, is there anything like slipping into a warm and soft bathrobe? No, right? Whether you are writing an e-mail to your client, reading a book, or watching a movie, bathrobes never fail to comfort you, no matter what you are doing.

Though bathrobes are available in a variety of styles and patterns, one sure does outshine the others – the waffle bathrobes. Well, the reason is quite simple. They are undeniably soft and can absorb larger quantities of water. Additionally, the diamond texture pattern or signature square is the characteristic feature that distinguishes waffle bathrobes from the other materials. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, these bathrobes are quite lightweight breathable and absorbent. Still not convinced? Being the leading supplier of hotel bath products onlinewe have narrowed down some of the top reasons why waffle bathrobes are so popular among hoteliers. Keep reading the blog till the end.

Top Reasons Why Waffle Bathrobes are the Best Choice

Reasons Why Terry Waffle Bathrobes are the Best

If you are a hotelier and looking for a towelling robe that will offer optimum warmth to your guests right after they step out of the shower, waffle bathrobes can be your go-to collection. Here are the features that make waffle bathrobes the most sought-after choice.

Far-Flung Absorbency

As waffle bathrobes are incredibly absorbent, people can use them in wet areas like the pool, Jacuzzi, beach, and bath among others. If you are a hotelier, you should definitely go for these luxury bathrobes as they can easily absorb the massage oils and ointments easily, which means your guests can wear them while visiting a steam room or a spa.


Gone are the days when bathrobes were meant to be worn only before one changed into proper clothes after a bath. Today, people can wear them while strolling by the beachside, sipping a nice cocktail, enjoying a light lunch, or lounging by the poolside.

Speaking of versatility, waffle bathrobes are not only lightweight and wrinkle-resistant but you can keep them anywhere as they do not take much space.

Maximum Durability

While using a bathrobe, your guests should get the sensation of wearing a brand-new one. Waffle bathrobes are manufactured by weaving 100% Turkish cotton in a long-lasting manner. They can be easily washed several times, without compromising durability.

While buying hotel bath products online, whether it’s a towel, bath mat, or bathrobe, make sure they are durable and can endure several washes. This way, you won’t have to worry about replacing them in a few months.

Breathability that Lasts

Do you know the best thing about waffle bathrobes? They not only allow air to circulate freely within the fabric but also enables it to dry quickly. And since the fabric dries quickly, the bathrobes are ready to wear again in no time. Added to that, as waffle bathrobes exhibit air-circulating nature, they are also suitable for keeping cool or warm in various environments.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to curl up in the softest and warmest robe on a cold winter night, put on a bathrobe after showering everyday, or complete your morning routine, a waffle bathrobe can be your go-to collection. With numerous years of experience in the linen manufacturing industry, Soft Touch Linens provides the best-quality hotel bath products online. All our products are characterized by distinct features like high absorbency and great durability. Should you want to buy the best bathrobes or other bathroom products like hotel towels or bath mats, visit our website today.

Everything You Need to Know About Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Everyone wants bed linen that looks luxurious and offers comfort without complaint. It should bestow a feeling of luxury the moment you start using it. However, a lot of people plan their bedding by starting with a duvet or comforter which isn’t totally wrong as they are also very important elements but the fabric of the bed linen is the first thing you need to consider if you want a comfortable sleep you deserve. Blame it on the uncomfortable room temperature, your sleeping posture, pillows, or mattress, but you can’t deny the fact that ill-suited bed linen can steal away your precious sleep.

Similarly, hotel owners also want to purchase the softest bedding for their hotel. But most of them find it difficult to choose the right bedding for their hotel. What if the bed linens are not durable? What if they are not soft enough? These fears are continuously clouding their thoughts. Is this the reason why linen manufacturers recommend Egyptian cotton bedding to those looking to buy the best bed linen? Well, there are various reasons why Egyptian cotton bed linen is so popular among hoteliers as well as homeowners. In this blog, we will highlight all the important aspects of Egyptian cotton bedding. Keep reading till the end.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding: A Comprehensive Guide

  • What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton, also known as Giza cotton, is made of the finest, softest, and most durable fibers. It is not only used for premium-quality garments but also to produce the perfect bedding.

You may have noticed that bed linens made of other materials tend to lose quality over time. But when you buy Egyptian cotton bed linen from the leading luxury bedding supplier in UK or elsewhere, you will see that the fabric is not only incredibly durable but also becomes more delicate with age.

  • What is So Special About Egyptian Cotton?

Since fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer, and more durable than any other cotton, they are worth putting some extra money into. In addition to that, Egyptian cotton features a higher thread count which makes the weave of the fabric significantly stronger than regular cotton. So, if you want your bedsheets to be more durable, make sure they have a higher thread.

  • Qualities that Make Egyptian Cotton Bedding the Best

Breathable: Egyptian cotton bedding is naturally more breathable than synthetic fibers. Hence, if you are looking for bed sheets for hot climates, these are the perfect match! The breathability of the sheets will not only provide your guests with a good night’s sleep but also allow them to wake up cool and dry.

Made to Last: One of the main reasons why Egyptian cotton bedding is such a great investment is that when it comes to choosing a fabric that can last years, nothing can beat its durability. Its thin and long fiber makes it more resilient than regular cotton. If you can take proper take of it, it will become more luxurious after each wash, with a superior feel and an elegant quality.

High Absorbency: Everyone wants bed linen that can absorb sweat so that they don’t wake up covered in sweat in the middle of the night. This is where Egyptian cotton comes into play. It is extremely absorbent and its fiber can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet or soaked. On the other hand, the rate of moisture absorption for other fabrics ranges between 7-10% of their own weight.

Wrapping Up

An Egyptian cotton bed linen is most popular for its luxurious appeal, quality, long-lasting power, and breathability. So, if you’re searching for the softest, coziest, and luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding, the exclusive collection at Soft Touch Linens is surely going to leave you impressed. To know more about our products, visit our website today.