Buy Linen Online – The 4 Most Popular Varieties of Towels

A bathroom is incomplete without so many things – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and personal hygiene products. But apart from these, can you really imagine a bathroom without the right set of towels? Certainly, No. Whether it’s one of those relaxing showers in the morning or a face wash after a long day, a towel plays an essential role in our daily lives, quite secretly. It is that item in your home that will never assert importance until one day, your favourite towel stops giving you a warm hug after a shower. It has been your post bath companion for many months and you’ve seen days of warmth, luxury and comfort till it said goodbye! And now, the time has come to welcome a new towel. Perhaps, you are already searching the internet to buy linen online and know what you’re looking for –a bath towel. But there are a host of other types of towels that make you wonder, “what are these for?”

A bath towel is not the only towel that deserves a place in the bathroom. Welcome to the towel world! Let’s get to know the different kinds of towels.

Different Varieties of Towels

Bath towels: These are ‘THE” towels without which your bath time is never complete. Bath towels are usually large, around 70 x 130 cm and are used to dry the body after a shower. You can wrap it around your body to absorb all the moisture. Generally, bath towels made of Turkish cotton are highly absorbent, soft on the skin and long-lasting. Hence, Turkish cotton bath towels are the most preferred choice for buyers across the world.

Face towel: Self-explanatory, these 30 x 30 cm towels are specially designed to dry your face after washing. The facial skin is highly sensitive and exposure to foreign particles and harmful bacteria can clog pores, causing pimples, acne and breakouts. This especially happens when you use the same bath towel to dry your face; your bath towel could be having shampoo, oil or soap residues which when rubbed on your face, irritates the skin. To keep your face clean and dry, using a face towel after bath or facial is strongly recommended.

Leisure and spa towels: Leisure and spa towels are a vital component in the beauty industry. In spas and salons, there is increased usage of shampoos, hair spa, skin and hair care products that contain harsh chemicals. These towels are exclusively manufactured as chemical-resistant and are used to dry hair or wipe creams and lotions off the face after the service. Characterized by their super absorbency and soft texture, the leisure and spa towels offer maximum comfort and encourage a relaxing spa and facial session for clients.

Bath sheets: Measuring 1oo x 150 cm, these are the largest member of the towel family. The speciality of bath sheets is their additional coverage; if you struggle to wrap around a bath towel, a bath sheet will leave no room for complaint when it comes to covering yourself comfortably. Moreover, being the largest, it also offers more warmth and absorbency than a bath towel. Thus, with a bath sheet in your home, get to enjoy the best of three worlds – comfort, coverage and absorbency everyday. All thanks to their extra large size!

Conclusion: The towel family is enormous and each member is special for a reason. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are hand towels, kitchen towels, beach towels and gym towels as well, the purposes of which are understood from the name itself. Choosing the right towel is no small feat; it requires careful consideration of factors like the type, material, absorbency, comfort and durability. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to have two sets of towels in your home so that on a laundry day, you still have one complete set for use. Soft Touch Linens is the most sought-after place to buy linen online. Our exclusive range of luxury bath towels is notable for their softness, comfort, high-absorbency and premium quality material.

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