Buying Luxury Bath Linens: Do You Know the Factors to Consider?

Like your bedroom, living room or dining room, some accessories are specially created for your bathroom. Imagine your life without bath towels, bathrobes and bathmats. Difficult, right? These are essential accessories that you can’t do without both inside and outside your bathroom.

A bathrobe is what you prefer to wear at home and accomplish your tasks – from writing emails to attending client calls or even finishing the household chores, nothing can beat the comfort of luxury bathrobes. After having a nice warm shower, what is the first thing that you would grab? A towel of course! By lending a feel of soft touch to your skin, the towel absorbs moisture completely. And last but not the least is a bath mat. When stepping out of the shower or bathtub, a bath mat is the first thing that your feet come in contact with. Absorbing the moisture from beneath your feet, a bath mat prevents you from slips and falls.

By all reasons, bathrobes, bathmats and towels are inevitable bath linen products. On the other side, choosing these items can be an overwhelming process. With the availability of various features, colours and patterns, making the proper choice is a struggle that every buyer must encounter. But not anymore when you know the right guidelines before purchasing these bath linen items.

Guidelines to Follow When Purchasing Bath Linen Products

  • Thickness: Before buying a luxury bathrobe and towel, you need to know everything about the thickness of the fabric. Thickness refers to the density of the fabric. When choosing a towel or bathrobe, you’ll find the thickness mention in GSM (grams per square meter) and it denotes a lot of things about both the bathroom products. In case of towels, a lesser GSM means lightweight and less expensive while towels with a higher GSM falls under the luxury category. For example: think about the white bath towels. Don’t these towels look luxurious and render soft touch to your skin? It is because the towels have a thickness between 500-600 GSM. As for the bathrobes, choosing one that has 300-400 GSM would offer optimum comfort.
  • Absorbency and drying speed: Absorbency is the next factor that is to be considered when buying your luxury bathrobe, towel and bath mat. It should take only a few seconds before the towel dries you completely while offering a gentle touch to your skin. The same thing applies to the bath mat as well. When buying luxury bath mats, make sure it absorbs maximum moisture from your feet before stepping on the floor. But how will you know that? Master your knowledge about the material, of course! Go for the bath towels that are made of 100% Turkish cotton and enjoy the softness, luxurious feel and more importantly, maximum absorbency. For bathroom mats, towelling bath mats that are made up of this same material come with the highest power of absorption.
  • Size: Size is the next factor that you should keep in mind while purchasing your bath linens. Without the right size, using a towel, bathrobe or even a bath mat would yield a completely unsatisfying experience. Let’s explain this with an example. Think about using a towel that doesn’t cover you completely or a bathrobe that is smaller than your actual size. Wouldn’t it be difficult to use such items regularly? Similarly, a bath mat of a larger or smaller size would look perfectly imperfect in your bathroom! Hence, be sure of the size before buying your bath towel, robe or bath mat to avoid regretting your choice later on.


Conclusion: Selecting the best bath towels, bath mats or luxury bathrobes is indeed a challenge. With all the varieties in terms of materials, colours and sizes, you are sure to get confused. And without the right set of important guidelines, you may end up buying the wrong items and have a disappointing experience. So, keep the above factors in mind and avoid making a poor choice when purchasing luxury bath linens. To know more about our bathroom products, call us on 02892698098.

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