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Difference Between Turkish Cotton & Terry Bathrobes

The incredibly soft and cozy feeling that you get after slipping into a bathrobe evokes a luxurious feeling, isn’t it? It can make your morning routine a bit more pleasant and also help you stay warm. Also, whether you are cooking meals, reading a book, or watching a movie, a luxury bathrobe never fails to comfort you, no matter what you are doing. Today, not only homeowners but hoteliers, too, understand the usefulness of luxury bathrobes. Due to this reason, they want to buy the best-quality hotel bathrobes to make sure they are already a step ahead in providing their guests with the comfort for which the hotel lives up to its name.

However, finding the right bathrobe is as easy as it may seem. Why? Well, that’s because when you are shopping around for bathrobes, there’s a ton of choice: different types of cotton, styles, weights, and colors. But when it comes down to cotton, people often get confused about whether they should buy a bathrobe made of Turkish cotton or terry cotton. While Turkish cotton bath robes are blessed with incredible softness and treat your skin kindlier than any other material, terry bathrobes are highly absorbent and are extremely common for spa and hotel robes. To help you find the right bathrobe, we will highlight some of the major differences between Turkish cotton and terry bathrobes. Keep reading the blog till the end.

What is Turkish Cotton?

Similar to Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers, Turkish cotton is grown exclusively in the Aegean Region and yields smoother and stronger threads than regular cotton. Added to that, luxury white bathrobes made of Turkish cotton are known to become even fluffier, softer, and more absorbent with successive washings. Dating back to as early as the 7th century, Turkish cotton has been used to make numerous linen products such as bathrobes, towels, bath mats, and more.

What is Terry Cotton?

Terry cotton is covered in tiny loops that are specifically designed to be both soft to the touch and highly absorbent. The lengths of the loops offer moisture-absorbing capacity as well as increase the surface area and quickly dries the water in your skin after a shower. Due to these features, terry cotton is excessively used while making luxury bathrobes and towels.

Major Differences Between Turkish Cotton & Terry Bathrobes

Weight: In addition to being extremely soft and absorbent, Turkish cotton bathrobes are very thin and exceptionally lightweight which makes them easy to carry. Terry bathrobes, on the other hand, are thick and will take up too much space in your closet. Also, the more water they absorbed, the heavier the fabric becomes.

Softness: Unlike traditional cotton bathrobes, Turkish cotton bath robes have extra-long fibers with fewer joints in the fabric’s weave that make them incredibly soft. Due to this reason, not only homeowners but hoteliers, too, prefer Turkish cotton when buying hotel bathrobes. However, when it comes to terry bathrobes, they can sometimes feel scratchy and may not be the right choice for people who suffer from skin sensitivities.

Quick-Drying Feature: Bathrobes made from Turkish cotton do not stay damp for too long, dry more quickly, and do not harbor moisture that breeds mildew and bacteria. On the other hand, as terry bathrobes are thick, they need more time to dry up and are more likely to produce a musty smell or develop mildew and bacteria.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are purchasing bathrobes for the convenience of having the right robe or for seasonal changes, choosing the right material is very important. And now that we have discussed the major differences between the two most sought-after types of cotton, we hope that you will make the right decision. Should you be looking for a reputable linen manufacturer, get in touch with Soft Touch Linens. We provide our customers with an exclusive collection of hotel bathrobes at reasonable rates. Each of our products is crafted with care and by using the latest technology. To know more about our services, contact us today.

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