How is a Bath Sheet Different from a Bath Towel?

Is there anything better than wrapping yourself up in an incredibly fluffy, sumptuously plush, and wonderfully soft towel after a relaxing shower or bath? No,  right? After all, towels are an essential bathroom accessory that serves both utility and aesthetic purposes. However, when buying luxury bath linens online, you have likely come across both bath towels and bath sheets in your search. So, what is the difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel? Well, the simple answer is that a bath sheet is larger than a bath towel. While a bath towel measures around 70cm x 140cm, a bath sheet usually runs around 90cm x 160cm.

Now, you may be wondering why would I need bath sheets when a towel is enough to get me dry comfortably after a bath or shower. Well, that’s because the usefulness of a bath sheet can’t be overlooked for many reasons. At times, you may find yourself wishing for something bigger than a bath towel. So, if you think that your desire for towels is only confined to their softness or splendor our, you’re wrong because the size, ultimately, becomes the center of attraction. To help you choose the right product, we have narrowed down some of the major differences between bath towels and bath sheets. Keep reading the blog till the end.

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What is a Bath Towel?

A bath towel is a basic option for bath linens, so it tends to be more common and is more prevalently used. While shopping around for luxury bath linens onlineyou will find numerous types of materials for towels such as regular cotton, Turkish cotton, polyester, and more. However, superior quality, durability, moisture retention, and super-softness are all the qualities that make Turkish cotton the most acclaimed towel material in the world.

What is a Bath Sheet?

Basically, a bath sheet is just like a bath towel—but bigger. It can easily be used to wrap the whole body. Because bath sheets are generally made of long-staple cotton, they can absorb much water and tend to remain drier and fluffier. So, should you want to treat yourself to a cozy towel-drying experience, buying a bath sheet might be a good idea. Also, the Turkish cotton bath sheets are worth having an eye for as they are extremely soft, super absorbent, and plush.

Difference Between a Bath Sheet & a Bath Towel

Whether you are a hotelier buying the best-quality hotel linens or a homeowner, knowing the difference between bath towels and bath sheets is really important if you want to make the right choice.

Size: As mentioned earlier, bath sheets are larger than bath towels and their standard size is 35X60″ inches. Bath towels, on the other hand, are the most common bath linens and measure around 27X52″ inches.

Usefulness: While bath towels are primarily used to dry up bodies after a bath or shower, bath sheets can easily be swung around the body while stepping out of the shower.

Storage Space: Being smaller in size, bath towels can be placed on towel bars and they don’t even take up much storage space in the linen closet. Bath sheets, on the other hand, are a bit heavy and hung on hooks on the bathroom doors instead of a towel bar.

Price: Compared to bath towels, bath sheets are a bit costly as they offer a more luxurious experience. Bath towels, too, provide a splendid post-bathing experience, but should you want something with a noticeable size difference for larger coverage, bath sheets can be a cost-effective option.

Absorbency Power: Both Turkish cotton towels and bath sheets are highly absorbent and do not stay damp for too long. However, if compared, bath sheets are more absorbent than bath towels.

 Final Thoughts

A towel that is of the wrong size can bring about an annoying experience. But, now that we have discussed the major difference between bath towels and bath sheets, we hope you will find the perfect match that meets your requirements. Should you be looking for the best linen supplier that offers the best collection of luxury bath linens online, get in touch with Soft Touch Linens. Made from the finest material, each of our linen products is easy to maintain, soft to touch, and provides optimal comfort. Some of our most sought-after linen products include premium-quality bathrobes, bath mats, luxury bath towels, and more. For more details, visit our online store today!

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