Why Should You Choose White Hotel Towels Over Coloured Towels?

Who doesn’t like to conclude a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a fluffy and soft bath towel? The affinity for luxury hotel towels isn’t a mystery anymore; it is for the amazing softness, durability, high quality, and comfort that people want to buy them whenever they are shopping around for hotel bath products online. Moreover, there are so many ways you can use the towels; lay on them at the beach, use them to dry off after a bath or shower, clean with them, and dry your dishes with them as well. Towels are everywhere!

If you are a hotelier, you might already know that the soft and fluffy towels are one of the first things guests notice when they enter the bathroom. However, when you are shopping around for towels, there is a ton of choice: different types of cotton, colours, styles, and weights. But when it comes down to the colour, most hoteliers and homeowners prefer buying white hotel towels. White towels not only hold a simple, timeless appeal but also add a touch of class and a dose of coziness to the bathroom. In this blog, we will highlight some of the top reasons why you should choose white hotels towels over other options.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose White Hotel Towels Over Coloured Towels

Want to know the reasons behind the popularity of white hotels towels among the hoteliers and homeowners? Well, here’s why they are the best option.

  • Easier to Clean

You might already know that dark towels impart colour and also fade over time. Hence, to maintain your coloured towels, you may also need to purchase numerous products such as colour-absorbing sheets and specific detergents. A white hotel towel, on the other hand, does not fade colours even after being washed numerous times. You can use hot water as well as regular detergents to keep them clean without damaging the towels.

  • Highly Durable

As mentioned above, coloured towels are prone to fading and thus need to be replaced quite often. On the other hand, white hotel towels can withstand the test of time and last longer than many other colourful towels available today.

When buying hotel bath products online, hoteliers prefer Turkish cotton towels. Their softness, luxurious appeal, and moisture retention attribute don’t change even after being regularly washed and used.

  • Renders a Classic Look

A hotel room looks like a hotel room because of certain items. From buying luxury white bathrobes to purchasing Egyptian cotton bedding from a reputable luxury bedding supplier in UK, you will try to do everything to provide your guests with a great experience. Besides these amenities, white hotel towels play a great role in amplifying the room’s decor. They not only look elegant and sleek but can also enhance your overall bathroom decor. Added to that, they can never look outdated and can help you create a relaxing space.

  • Blends with any Bathroom Décor

Whether your bathroom is light-coloured or dark-coloured, white hotel towels will always match the décor and seamlessly blend in with any style or setting. They have a crispy appearance and stand out on their own, making your bathroom look luxurious and well-maintained.

Wrapping Up

White hotel towels never, ever go out of style and always helps you level up the aesthetic appeal of the room. Should you be looking for a store that provides the best hotel bath products online, reach out to us. At Soft Touch Linens, our exclusive range of luxury towels is distinguished for their premium quality and a wide variety. Manufactured using the finest Turkish cotton yarn, the towels are very soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. Whether it is the Classic Anthracite, Luxury, Standard, or Leisure and Spa towels, brace yourself for the most comfortable experience everyday.

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Types of Luxury Hotel Towels You Ought to Know About

Have you noticed how hotels have the softest bath towels ever? Don’t you feel tempted to steal one of them and take it to your home? We all do, don’t we? Want to know how hoteliers keep their towels so soft? Well, the reasons why the luxury hotel towels remain distinguished are for their durability ,moisture retention capabilities, and softness. And if you are a hotelier, your role as a hotel proprietor remains incomplete if you have not offered your guests the privilege of using luxury hotel towels.

However, sometimes carrying a face towel in your gym may not be a great idea. Neither would you want to use a bath towel every time you wash your hands or face. During these times, you may wish for something larger than a bath towel! Hence, in this blog, we shall highlight the various types of luxury towels that you should own. Keep reading till the end!

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The 4 Most Sought-After Varieties of White Hotel Towels

Face Cloth

Carrying premium-quality face towels wherever you go is can be a good step towards better skincare. Measuring around 30 x 30 cm, these towels are specifically manufactured to dry your face after every wash. You may not know but your facial skin is highly sensitive and your exposure to harmful bacteria and foreign particle scan clog pores, causing breakouts, pimples, and acne. A good face towel is one that is light enough to carry along with you, soft on your skin, highly-absorbent, and dries quickly.

Leisure & Spa Towels

Leisure and spa towels are some of the most important components in the beauty industry. In salons and spas, there’s an increased utilization of hair care products like shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful chemicals. These luxury hotel towels are solely manufactured as chemical-resistant. Hence, you can use them to wipe creams and lotions off the face or simply dry your hair.

If you are a hotelier, you should definitely go for them. Characterized by their super-soft texture and absorbency, these towels can provide maximum comfort and encourage a relaxing spa and facial session for your guests.

Bath Towel

When you buy bath towels from a notable towels supplier in UK, most of them are made of Turkish cotton which makes them extremely soft and super absorbent. Although they are smaller than the bath sheets, they can be just as luxurious. They are usually 52-58 inches longand27-30 inches wide.

Bath Sheet

Do you know which one is called the largest member of the towel family? A bath sheet. Compared to the regular bath towels, bath sheets are larger and measure around 100 x 150 cm. Super absorbent, extremely soft and plush, the Turkish cotton bath sheets are worth having an eye for. If you are not happy with the size of a bath towel and looking for that extra coverage, a bath sheet can be your ideal option. It not only enables you to wrap it around more comfortably but also offers the extra warmth and comfort that you’re looking for.

 Wrapping Up

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are kitchen towels, hand towels, gym towels, and beach towels as well, the purposes of which are understood from the name itself. Having extensive experience in the linen manufacturing industry, Soft Touch Linens offer stop-quality luxury hotel towels. Our towels are characterized by distinct features like great durability and high absorbency.

Should you want to buy the best luxury towels or other bathroom products like bathrobes or bath mats, visit our website.

Impressive Reasons to Buy Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel Towels

Why Should You Opt for Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel Towels?


Today, hotel proprietors are on the search for the perfect luxury hotel towels that complement the bathroom decor, serve utility purposes, and at the same time must offer a good feel to your guest. Turkish cotton is considered one of the premium and most luxurious types of cotton. It remains incredibly popular thanks to its high-quality attributes and almost every bath towel supplier is emphasizing more upon Turkish cotton towels rather than the rest.

Impressive Reasons to Buy Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel Towels

What Makes Turkish Cotton Luxury Towels Different from Other Types?

The affinity towards luxury hotel towels is not a mystery anymore; it’s for the incredible softness, comfort, and high quality that people so desperately seek to buy them even for personal usage. However, if you are an established hotel proprietor intending to buy luxury hotel towels, you truly can’t beat the opulence of Turkish cotton luxury towels.

Did you know, Turkish cotton towels are regarded as the first towel that was ever invented? Using 100% Turkish cotton, these luxury towels are made in Turkish looms that bespeak their superior quality. Here are some of the best benefits of Turkish cotton luxury towels.

  1. Luxurious as well as Cost-Effective

Aren’t luxury hotel towels supposed to be expensive? Well, if you have been harboring such a notion about luxury towels, it’s high time you make way for a change. Turkish cotton towels are not only fashionable but also come at cost-effective rates.

All you have to do is engage the best supplier for bath towel wholesale. You can get various price ranges based on your requirements. So, if you are thinking that buying a luxurious Turkish cotton towel tantamount to an expensive purchase, think again.

  1. Durability at its Best

One of the most unlikely qualities that people often don’t anticipate because of its softness and mellow feel is that the Turkish cotton towel is quite durable. The way Turkish cotton is made makes it perfect for a hotel where stock rotation is constant.

However, it’s important to note that you must know the appropriate way to care for your luxury hotel towels should you want to preserve their condition.

  1. Distinct Colors

Turkish cotton towels come in different shades, from mute and neutral colors to bright ones. You can pick out a towel of any shade that enhances your overall bathroom decor. Be it peach, grey, or classic white, finding Turkish cotton towels of a suitable color from the best bath towel supplier is never an arduous task.

  1. Highly Absorbent

One more impressive aspect of Turkish cotton towels is their great absorbency and quick-dry feature on top of being soft and plush. It prevents them from developing the annoying odor we all know. They dry quickly and in turn, are less inclined to absorb too much moisture from the atmosphere.

  1. Easy to Care

We know how time is precious and you can’t afford to waste an hour behind washing and caring for your bath towel, right? Don’t worry! Turkish cotton towels don’t need much maintenance. You just have to toss the towels in the washer, add some detergent, wash, and dry them well.

Final Thoughts

Turkish cotton luxury towels are indeed the most sought-after ones and there are powerful reasons to leave you convinced. They are excellent luxury items that amplify your bath space and adds to your daily utility at the same time. Soft Touch Linens is celebrated as the leading bath towel supplier in the UK. Made from premium quality Turkish cotton, all our bath linen products, like luxury towels and bathrobes, are perfect for both personal usage and the hospitality industry.

Are You Yet to Own the 4 Types of Luxury Bath Towels?

After a nice warm bath, the very first thing that you’ll be searching for is a soft and luxurious towel that renders a gentle touch to your skin. Every day after sweating out at the gym, a towel is what you’ll be using to dry off before getting ready to go home. For travelling, packing a lightweight towel is more convenient than one that is heavy and swallows up maximum space. Whatever may be your intent for searching luxury bath towels, fortunately, you can come across a towel that suits your need specifically.

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