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Difference Between Turkish Cotton & Terry Bathrobes

The incredibly soft and cozy feeling that you get after slipping into a bathrobe evokes a luxurious feeling, isn’t it? It can make your morning routine a bit more pleasant and also help you stay warm. Also, whether you are cooking meals, reading a book, or watching a movie, a luxury bathrobe never fails to comfort you, no matter what you are doing. Today, not only homeowners but hoteliers, too, understand the usefulness of luxury bathrobes. Due to this reason, they want to buy the best-quality hotel bathrobes to make sure they are already a step ahead in providing their guests with the comfort for which the hotel lives up to its name.

However, finding the right bathrobe is as easy as it may seem. Why? Well, that’s because when you are shopping around for bathrobes, there’s a ton of choice: different types of cotton, styles, weights, and colors. But when it comes down to cotton, people often get confused about whether they should buy a bathrobe made of Turkish cotton or terry cotton. While Turkish cotton bath robes are blessed with incredible softness and treat your skin kindlier than any other material, terry bathrobes are highly absorbent and are extremely common for spa and hotel robes. To help you find the right bathrobe, we will highlight some of the major differences between Turkish cotton and terry bathrobes. Keep reading the blog till the end.

What is Turkish Cotton?

Similar to Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers, Turkish cotton is grown exclusively in the Aegean Region and yields smoother and stronger threads than regular cotton. Added to that, luxury white bathrobes made of Turkish cotton are known to become even fluffier, softer, and more absorbent with successive washings. Dating back to as early as the 7th century, Turkish cotton has been used to make numerous linen products such as bathrobes, towels, bath mats, and more.

What is Terry Cotton?

Terry cotton is covered in tiny loops that are specifically designed to be both soft to the touch and highly absorbent. The lengths of the loops offer moisture-absorbing capacity as well as increase the surface area and quickly dries the water in your skin after a shower. Due to these features, terry cotton is excessively used while making luxury bathrobes and towels.

Major Differences Between Turkish Cotton & Terry Bathrobes

Weight: In addition to being extremely soft and absorbent, Turkish cotton bathrobes are very thin and exceptionally lightweight which makes them easy to carry. Terry bathrobes, on the other hand, are thick and will take up too much space in your closet. Also, the more water they absorbed, the heavier the fabric becomes.

Softness: Unlike traditional cotton bathrobes, Turkish cotton bath robes have extra-long fibers with fewer joints in the fabric’s weave that make them incredibly soft. Due to this reason, not only homeowners but hoteliers, too, prefer Turkish cotton when buying hotel bathrobes. However, when it comes to terry bathrobes, they can sometimes feel scratchy and may not be the right choice for people who suffer from skin sensitivities.

Quick-Drying Feature: Bathrobes made from Turkish cotton do not stay damp for too long, dry more quickly, and do not harbor moisture that breeds mildew and bacteria. On the other hand, as terry bathrobes are thick, they need more time to dry up and are more likely to produce a musty smell or develop mildew and bacteria.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are purchasing bathrobes for the convenience of having the right robe or for seasonal changes, choosing the right material is very important. And now that we have discussed the major differences between the two most sought-after types of cotton, we hope that you will make the right decision. Should you be looking for a reputable linen manufacturer, get in touch with Soft Touch Linens. We provide our customers with an exclusive collection of hotel bathrobes at reasonable rates. Each of our products is crafted with care and by using the latest technology. To know more about our services, contact us today.

A 3-Point Checklist for Shopping High-Quality Luxury Bathrobes

The bathrobe is a fantastic piece of garment that has been ruling the world of fashion since ancient times. After several modifications and undergoing evolutions, what we have today is the simply gorgeous and elegant luxury bathrobes. Besides connoting luxury, a soft, cozy bathrobe is just the type of garment you need while enjoying spending your quality time at home.

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Bathrobe from a Linen Wholesaler – Purposes that It Serves

Like the many essential things in our lives everyday, a bathrobe has turned out to be a necessity.


What was a symbol of luxury and royalty in the earlier times, over the years, robes gained widespread usage among both men and women. Initially, only men used to wear robes or dressing gowns and enjoyed the comfort.

But by the mid-19th century, women too got their chance to experience the comfort of wearing robes at home and restrict the usage of the uncomfortable corset. It was only in the early 20th century that bathrobes gained popularity and from then, there has been no looking back! Whether it is buying a bathrobe from a linen wholesaler or visiting a luxury linen store, the love for bathrobes has been gaining momentum ever since.Today, a bathrobe is considered to be one of the most useful items at home. From covering yourself up after a shower to wearing it at the beach, a bathrobe is amazing for many reasons. In this blog, we shall discuss the various purposes of a bathrobe that is purchased from a linen wholesaler.

Purposes of a Bathrobe from a Linen Wholesaler

The modern bathrobe is known as one of the most versatile garments. In other words, you can wear a bathrobe for a multitude of reasons.

  • Keeps you warm: This is applicable especially after bath when you are dripping wet. After taking a shower and wiping yourself dry with a towel, the next thing you’ll be searching for is what you should wear and go to your room. Instead of wrapping yourself in a towel, wearing a bathrobe is always a more suitable option as it will keep you dry and absorb moisture if you are still wet. Another time when you cannot overlook a bathrobe’s purpose is during the winters. A bathrobe made of 100% super soft Turkish cotton is an excellent choice for winter as it is not only soft but also provides the kind of warmth you need to endure the coldest temperatures.
  • Great beachwear: Even before the swimsuits became popular, there were the bathrobes that were particularly worn as beachwear. Today, bathrobes are still a popular beach outfit and have also become a fashion statement. When buying a bathrobe online, you’ll come across extensive display designs and materials that are perfect for the beach; wearing a bathrobe will protect you from the sun as well as keep you dry after you get out of the water. So, the next time you are planning to spend a day by the beach, you know what else to carry apart from your towel, sunglass and sunscreen. Don’t you?
  • The most comfortable garment: Arguably, bathrobes are the most comfortable garment to wear any time and in any season. In fact, most people prefer to be in a bathrobe than in any other garment at home! The reason? Because of the comfort factor. From doing your household chores to checking emails or speaking to your clients, you can do it all in a bathrobe. And if you are worried about feeling embarrassed, you don’t have to when you have so many designs and styles available with your linen manufacturer. With shawl collar style, loop for hanging up, belt, pockets, embroidery motifs and various colour options, wearing a bathrobe at home is indeed a style statement that stands for comfort.
  • A bathrobe is a versatile garment. Don’t believe? Here take a look at the three important things you can do wearing a bathrobe.
  • Comfortably waking up: Nothing can beat the comfort of wearing a bathrobe and waking up in the morning. Having your breakfast while you’re in a bathrobe will make you feel as if you’re still in between the sheets when you’ve actually left your bed long enough.

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Your Buying Guide to the Best Luxury Bathrobe Materials

Are you searching for something to wear that is super comfortable, lightweight and soft? Want to wear this throughout the day? Well, how about ending your search with luxury bathrobes?

Yes, you’ve read that right! A good bathrobe defines greatness in the truest form.


It keeps you warm on a cold winter day (and night as well), covers you up adequately and absorbs moisture after stepping out of the shower, dripping wet. Moreover, if you intend to make your morning routine a bit more luxurious, nothing beats the satisfaction of wearing a nice and soft robe. But the problem is, not all bathrobe fabrics are excellent. With the availability of various bathrobe fabrics, it can be quite a difficult task to decide which one is right for you.

Don’t fret! In this blog, we have picked out the best luxury bathrobe fabrics based on your needs. Here, take a look.

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Best Luxury Bathrobe Materials

1. Cotton Terry: Cotton terry has been used to produce towels and bathrobes ever since it was first discovered. In fact, it is one of the softest bathrobe materials that you’ll find with any reputable linen wholesaler. Even the demand for cotton terry bathrobes in the hospitality industry is highest as compared to the other materials. A bathrobe made of 100% pure cotton is an epitome of luxury; it is very soft on the skin, has a high rate of absorption and long-lasting. As a result of its thickness, there is no one who has used a cotton terry bathrobe, could forget the luxurious feeling that it evokes upon wearing.

2. Turkish Cotton: A popular material, Turkish cotton hogs the limelight for many good reasons. These spa-quality robes are highly absorbent and the secret lies in the thin and long Turkish cotton fibres. These bathrobes are naturally soft and cozy but over time, they tend to become softer and fluffier. Be it for personal usage or commercial purpose, Turkish cotton bathrobes prove to be a matchless choice for buyers all around the year.

3. Cotton Waffle: The signature style of cotton waffle bathrobe is the square or diamond textured pattern. It is composed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, making this bathrobe light and breathable. The fabric is excellent as it makes the wearer feel relaxed and is characterized by high durability and moisture retention capacity. Hotels, spa and wellness centres on the hunt for high-quality robes within a limited budget? Cotton waffle bathrobes should certainly prove their worth. Moreover, whether you prefer shopping for bathrobe online or from a wholesale supplier, these amazing bathrobes are available in a wide variety of colours and additional features like wrap belt, two front pockets and nice shawl collars.

4. Cotton Velour: Cotton velour bathrobes are something you would love to wear on a winter evening and lounge by the fireside, reading your favourite book and sipping on a cup of warm coffee. With its exclusive velvety feel, cotton velour fabric can be of either high-quality Turkish cotton or have 80% cotton fibres, providing maximum comfort upon wearing it. Unlike other bathrobe fabrics, cotton velour is heavier but very comfortable. Owing to the softness, deluxe appearance and high power of absorption, cotton velour bathrobes can be a little expensive but you know you have purchased top quality bathrobes that will last you for many years.

Conclusion: Wearing a bathrobe should be a relaxing affair; it should soothe you the moment you slip it on. When buying luxury bathrobes, don’t let confusion to take up all your attention. Whether you want to put on a bathrobe after shower everyday, curl up in the softest and warmest robe on a cold winter night or complete your morning routine, a bathrobe of the right material can mean a world of difference.

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What are the Best Winter Luxury Bathrobes for Hotels?

With the winter already here in UK, your guests will first search for a warm and cozy bathrobe to slip in after reaching your hotel. Surely, you do not want to mar their expectations right?


That is why you search for the best luxury bathrobes that will provide good warmth to your guests on a cold winter evening. During the winter months, especially in UK when the temperature is as low as 2 degrees Celsius, one cannot help but wear clothes in layers to provide maximum warmth to the body. Just when your guests would be searching for something extra to add to the ones that they are already wearing, a warm bathrobe would serve as the ideal piece of clothing.

Steering away from the absorbent and cooling properties of bathrobes, in this blog, we shall focus on the warming abilities of various bathrobe materials, reading which will help you to purchase the warmest and the coziest bathrobes from your bath linen manufacturer.

Luxury Hotel Bathrobe UK

Warmest Bathrobe Materials to Have in Your Hotel

  1. Turkish cotton: You can provide waffle and balmoral bathrobes to your guests to combat the freezing temperatures. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, both these bathrobes form a very comfortable loungewear option for your guests. Although not as heavy as the woolen ones but undermining their warming capabilities would be wrong. With a thickness of 400 GSM per square meter, these luxury bathrobes provide the required warmth to your guests quite conveniently. Besides, they are easy to maintain and do not become too heavy after getting wet. If you think plain bathrobes look too dull, these waffle and balmoral bathrobes come with extra features like shawl collar style and pockets. You can choose Turkish cotton bathrobes of various colors from any bath linen supplier.
  2. Cotton Velour: Cotton velour is another type regarded as a luxury Hotel Bathrobe in UK. These bathrobes are a great affordable option and suitable for wearing on colder days. The main reasons why cotton velour bathrobes are so popular in the hotel industry are due to their thickness, luxurious feel and softness. You can also enjoy the additional benefit of effortless maintenance and durability for many years at a stretch.
  3. Flannel: Flannel fabric has been material since the olden days and was used to make coats, house robes, shirts and dress. But ‘old is gold’ and so are the flannel bathrobes, quite a popular lounge wear in hotels during the winters. You can go through the modern fleece bathrobes collection which look glamorous as silk and satin robes. Formerly, flannel was made from wool but in present times, cotton is blended to have more snug, soft and stylish bathrobes.

Conclusion: These are the 3 warmest luxury bathrobe materials that you can look out for when buying linen online or from a hotel linen supplier. Also, how about trying something new? You can go for bathrobes that display features like a shawl collar or an embroidery work on the lower portion instead of the plain single color with no design. Make sure the bathrobes are of a larger size to provide optimum warmth and comfort.

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