What is GSM in Luxury Hotel Towels and Why does It Matter?

Towels are an everyday essential that add more than just colour and pattern to your bathroom. And the feeling of finishing a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a plush and fluffy bath towel is incredible. Have you ever used luxury hotel towels in a five-star hotel and loved them so much that you just wanted to keep them with yourself? Frankly speaking, we all have the same urge every time we enter a luxury hotel! After all, a towel that is incredibly soft, long-lasting, and has good moisture retention capacity, is always on your wish list.

If you are a hotelier, you might already know that luxury towels are one of those amenities that empower a guest’s experience of staying in a hotel. But, did you know that one of the most important factors that need to be considered while choosing the right towels for your hotel bathroom is the GSM? You may have seen this term but do you know what it actually means and why it matters so much? In this guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the role of GSM in towels. Keep reading till the end.

What is GSM in Luxury Hotel Towels and Why does It Matter?

  • What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for “grams per square meter” and is a measure of a towel’s weight. Ranging between 300 to 900, the GSM is directly aligned with a towel’s performance, feel, and quality and is used for both cotton and bamboo towels. Towels that have a lower GSM tend to be less dense and fail to absorb much water. Luxury hotel towelson the other hand, often have a higher GSM which indicates that they are softer, thicker, and offer superior absorbency than regular towels.

  • Why does GSM in towels matter?

As mentioned earlier, a luxury hotel towel can vary anywhere between 300 to 900 GSM, and the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the towel. A lot of people don’t like heavyweight luxury towels because managing them once they get wet can be challenging. If you live in the UK or surrounding areas and want to tackle this weight problem, contact a reputable towels supplier in UK and buy luxury towels that are neither too light or too heavy; that is, towels that have a medium weight.

However, a lighter-weight GSM towel feels lighter and a bit less plush but will be easier to wash. On the other hand, towels with high GSM are super-soft and highly absorbent but can be challenging to wash. So, the choice is completely yours!

  • Types of Towel Weights and Their Importance

300-400 GSM: These towels are thinner and lightweight which means that they’ll dry faster and make them ideal for a gym towel or a kitchen towel. However, these types of towels are rougher in texture than their counterparts and can’t be used as bath towels.

400-600 GSM: Most bathroom towels fall inside this scope of thickness. A towel in the 400 to 600 GSM range is considered mid-weight and is easy to care for. These towels are soft, absorbent, and offer a luxurious post-bathing experience.

Did you know, one of the reasons behind the popularity of Turkish cotton towels is that they weigh between 500-600 GSM which can offer you the level of comfort that you have been looking for.

600-900 GSM: These types of towels are extremely absorbent, comforting to be wrapped in, and kind to the skin. However, being heavier in weight, they take longer to dry off.

The Bottom Line:

If you prefer lightweight and quick drying features, select a towel collection with a lower GSM. If you enjoy thick and heavy towels, a higher GSM will be more suitable. Should you be looking for the best towels at reasonable rates, reach out to us. At Soft Touch Linens, we provide an exclusive collection of luxury hotels towels that are available in various materials, colours, and sizes. For more details, visit our website.

Buying Luxury Hotel Towels Remember These Points!

Luxury hotel towels are one of the most essential bathroom accessories that serve both utility and aesthetic purposes. After all, everyone likes to finish a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a soft and fluffy bath towel. Particularly the hotels, spa centers, and resorts are heavily dependent on this basic item. For instance, if you are a hotelier, you need to make sure you provide your guests with a nice stay at the hotel.

Remember, the fluffy, soft towels are the first thing guests notice when they enter a hotel bathroom. Added to that, when you choose the perfect luxury hotel towels, you are already a step ahead in offering your guests the comfort for which your hotel lives up to its name. However, choosing the right towels is not an easy task. You have to consider various factors that affect a towel’s performance, feel, appearance, softness, and longevity. So, if you are looking for a soft, cozy, and beautifully absorbent luxury towel for your guests, you must make your choice diligently after considering the following factors. Read on!

Buying Luxury Hotel Towels? Remember These Points!

Points to Consider When Buying Luxury Hotel Towels

  • Appropriate Size

Did you know, towels are available in various sizes and each size serves a purpose for your guests. For instance, if your guests need a clean and soft towel to wipe their faces after a good facial or face wash, a face towel can be the ideal option. It is the smallest one that measures around 30 x 30 cm.

Similarly, if you are looking for a towel that can be conveniently used to dry the hands after a hand wash, hand towels can be your go-to towel. Next comes the choicest bathroom accessory, a bath towel. The standard size of a bath towel is 70 x 130 cm and it’s the best choice for hoteliers to add some more comfort & relaxation to the post-bathing experience for their guests.

Being a renowned towels supplier in UK, we offer a wide array of towel sizes that are tailored to meet various purposes. Some of these hotel towels include hotel and spa towels, bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels, among many others.

  • Weight of the Towel

In addition to the size, the weight of the towel is also an important factor to consider while choosing the right towels for your hotel. The weight of the towel is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and the ideal weight of a hotel towel is considered to be 500 GSM. Luxury hotels towels weighing 500 GSM offer a luxurious feel and also the required softness to your guests.

  • Select the Right Fabric

A lot of people think that there is nothing better than a cotton towel. Well, it’s true that cotton towels have always been popular for their softness and absorbency power, but Turkish cotton towels particularly are ‘functional beauty’. Made from extra-long fibers, Turkish cotton luxury towels are well-known for their super-softness, sophisticated appeal, absorbency power, comfort, and durability.

  • Visual Appeal

How a luxury hotel towel looks at first glance is another important consideration. So, while choosing towels, make sure the edges have close and secure stitching. These features stand for great durability and denote superior craftsmanship.

In terms of colour, white is the most preferred colour for a majority of hotels. White towels not only connote sophistication, luxury, and refinement but also complement the bathroom décor.

Wrapping Up

So, next time when you buy a hotel towel, try to remember the above-mentioned points. At Soft Touch Linens, we offer an exclusive collection of luxury hotels towels at reasonable rates. Added to that, we also provide various bathroom products such as bath mats, luxury bathrobes, and more. For more details, call us today.

Importance of Luxury Hotel Towels in the Hotel Industry

Have you ever wondered what makes a luxury hotel stay always fascinating? Is it the sumptuous delicacies? The palatial rooms? Prompt customer service? Top-notch amenities? Honestly, these are the factors which genuinely drive a guest to choose a luxury hotel. Whether it is for one day or a week, a deluxe hotel distinguishes itself for providing luxurious accommodation to its guests. Their entire mood for the stay is set forth as soon as they enter their rooms and is welcomed by the overall grand ambience. Needless to say, a luxury hotel room comprises several components that bleed comfort in the truest sense. From the bed sheets, pillows and blankets to the toiletries, each of the amenities gifts guests with a pleasurable experience to remember forever. And one of the major elements that never fails to leave a lasting impression is luxury hotel towels.

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Luxury Hotel Towels

4 Impressive Reasons to Buy Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel Towels

Today, hotel proprietors are on the search for the perfect luxury hotel towels that complement the bathroom decor, serve utility purpose and at the same time must provide a good feel to the user. Do you know which kind of towel is in vogue in the hospitality industry? Is it polyester? Is it microfiber? Not any of these but Turkish cotton. Buyers when searching for the best white hotel towels online are choosing Turkish cotton towels for their business.

Turkish cotton towels illustrate the properties of a luxury towel in the truest sense and possibly, that is why they have become a favorite in hotels across the world. In comparison to the thick and heavy hotel towels, the Turkish cotton ones are lightweight, thin and dry quickly too. Due to the increasing popularity, even hotel linen suppliers are emphasizing more upon Turkish cotton towels rather than the rest. Are you inquisitive to find out what is making Turkish cotton a preferred towel fabric? Read it all in the below-mentioned write-up.

Luxury Hotel Towel 600 GSM

Reasons that will make you go for Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels

Turkish cotton white hotel towels are more popular than any other materials. These towels are the best for many reasons. Besides, Turkish towels are also regarded as the first towel that was ever invented. Using 100% Turkish cotton, these towels are made in Turkish looms that bespeaks of their superior quality. On a further note, Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels are:

  • Great power of absorption: Towels made of 100% Turkish cotton are evidenced to have high absorption power. You must be thinking how come these thin and lightweight towels have such a high moisture retaining property? No, there is no reason to disbelieve the words of your hotel linen supplier when he/she says ‘Turkish cotton towels have excellent absorption power.’ Should the towels be composed of 100% pure Turkish cotton, you can be proud of bringing a set of fine white hotel towels for your guests.

  • Looks luxurious: How can thin towels look luxurious? Aren’t luxury hotel towels supposed to be fluffy and thick? Well, if you have been harboring such a notion about luxury towels, it is time you make way for a change. Turkish cotton towels are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. You could get a classic hand towel 50 x 90 cm, standard bath towel 70 x 130 cm, luxury bath sheets 100 x 150 cm and so on. Although they may appear thin, once you feel them against your skin, you will never have a second doubt about their quality not being equivalent to other luxury towel materials. They come in various styles, colors and designs making Turkish cotton a versatile option to watch out for.

  • Looks amazing even after frequent usage: From a hotel proprietor’s point of view, certainly you would want to purchase hotel towels that can be used for many years at a stretch and not towels that need to be replaced every month. And for this reason, no wonder why Turkish cotton hotel towels are a hit in the hospitality industry. The luxurious appeal, softness and moisture retention attribute remain still the same even after being regularly used and washed. However, it is important to note that you must know the appropriate way to care for your luxury hotel towels should you want to preserve their condition.

  • Easy to care for: Every hotel owner would agree to one fact –dense hotel towels are practically difficult to care for. The reason? They take a much longer time to clean and dry. On the other hand, Turkish cotton towels are thin and lightweight. As a result, they dry quickly and you can give them back again to the hotel rooms within a short period of time. Moreover, you can put 3 or 4 Turkish cotton towels in the washing machine and wash together ( since they are thin) whereas for the thicker and heavier hotel towels, you can put only 2 of them inside the washing tub.

Conclusion: Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels are certainly the most sought-after ones and there are powerful reasons to convince you. These towels are light, soft to touch and good absorbents, everything that you will be looking for in a good hotel towel. Should you be able to purchase it from a reputed hotel linen supplier, congratulations! You have finally bought some excellent hotel towels for your guests. 

To know more about white hotel towels online, call us at: 028 92698098

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What Makes Luxury Hotel Towels Made of Turkish cotton So Good?

Towels form one of the major components of the hotel industry. Particularly the hotels, resorts and spa centers are heavily dependent on this basic item and make sure they are of the best quality while purchasing them from a manufacturer or online. Hotels, especially, put forth a huge demand for luxury hotel towels since these are very soft, fluffy and great absorbents. But do you know what are such towels made of? Why are these hotel towels so fluffy and soft? The answer is simple: the luxury hotel towels are mainly composed of Turkish cotton.

Turkish cotton is often the principal material used to weave white hotel towels. As a result, the towels are so fluffy and soft. Turkish cotton is a material that is known for its comfort-providing factor so much so that it has the capability of taking comfort to a different level altogether! Besides, towels composed of Turkish cotton never fail to offer a touch of luxury to your hotel’s decor and user as well. Although there are many kinds of towels available with a hotel linen supplier, buying Turkish cotton hotel towels is the best bargain that you will ever come to.

Luxury Hotel Towel 600 GSM

About Turkish cotton

As the name suggests, Turkish cotton is a material that has its origin in the Aegean region. Durability, superior quality, softness and moisture retention are all the strengths that establish Turkish cotton as the most acclaimed towel material in the world.

If you think such praises are fumes of fancy, think again. The hype for Turkish cotton is not without a reason. The reasons why this white hotel towel material remains distinguished are for its moisture retention capabilities, softness and durability. Your role as a hotel proprietor remains incomplete if you haven’t offered your guests the privilege of using Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels. The fibre is first handpicked and refined further carefully to ensure the fibre remains undamaged. It is then hand-woven to produce towels, bed linens, duvets and blankets.

The Role weight in Buying Turkish cotton Towels

Understanding the weight is important when purchasing any white hotel towels and Turkish cotton towels too are not an exception. The weight decides the price you need to pay. If you are looking for softer and more luxurious white hotel towels, you need to buy Turkish cotton towels that come with a higher weight per square meter. The most prevalent weight in Turkish cotton hotel towels are:

  • 600 or more: The epitome of luxury, whether you are buying white hotel towels or bed linens, your guests will love using them. Luxury hotel towels composed of such high weight are undoubtedly the finest and expensive as well.

  • 600 Gram per Square meters: Mostly used in upscale hotels all over the globe, 600 Gsm Turkish cotton hotel towels are durable, comfortable and soft to touch. These are also the most extensively available with a hotel linens supplier.

  • 500 Gsm: Exceptionally good quality towels for 2-3-star hotel.

Why should you buy Turkish cotton towels for your hotel?

The major advantages of purchasing Turkish cotton towels are:

  1. They are soft: The biggest advantage is that Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels are softer when compared to any other variety. As a consequence, they are great for use on sensitive skin.
  2. High durability: Unlike ordinary towels that get depleted with age and use, Turkish cotton towels last for many years. Thus, these towels are truly value for money.
  3. Good absorbents: Turkish cotton towels come with high moisture retention properties. Also, they dry quickly even after being completely wet.

Conclusion: Now you know why hotels prefer having Turkish cotton towels. These towels are soft on the skin, have great moisture retaining property and come with an overall luxurious appearance. To know more about our luxury hotel towels, call us on 028 92698098

Luxury Hotel Towels

How to Buy Luxury Hotel Towels from a Linen Manufacturer in UK?

Towels are an everyday essential that add more than just color and pattern in your hotel bathroom. Whether your guests are checking in your hotel for one day or spending a weeklong vacation, you must ensure they get the homelike feeling. With the right kind of white hotel towels, you are already a step ahead in providing your guests with the comfort for which your hotel lives up to its name.

When it comes to choosing the perfect hotel towels, you maybe fouled up since there are so many towel materials, sizes, texture, border types and other things to consider. You cannot just pick up any towel that pleases your eye; you need to contemplate whether those luxury hotel towels will satisfy your guest’s expectations.

How do hotel owners pick out their luxury hotel towels?

Hotel owners consider various factors before buying luxury hotel towels for their guests. The important factors are here as mentioned below:

1. Appropriate size: A towel that is of the wrong size can bring about an annoying experience for your patrons. They will struggle to use a hand towel (used for wiping the face) to wipe their entire body after bath. Whether you keep hand towels or bath towels, it must be of the correct size. It is advisable to keep both large bath towels and also small face and hand towels for the convenience of your guests.

2. Weight: It is very important to consider the weight when purchasing white hotel towels. When it comes to considering the weight, make sure the towels don’t become too heavy after getting wet. If you want to give your guests a plush feeling, you can select towels between 15 – 20 lb from your hotel linen supplier. Remember! The denser the towels, the higher absorption power they will have. Whether you use light weight or denser white hotel towels, your guests will surely notice the difference in the materials. Although light weight towels are a great economical choice, for hotels, spas and resorts, heavy weight towels make an ideal choice since they are soft to touch and gives the right bit of luxury to your guests.

Luxury Hotel Towel 600 GSM

3. Material: Choosing the right material goes a long way in offering a good or bad experience to your guests. Among the wide variety of materials available with your bath linen manufacturer, cotton is arguably the best material. But cotton has many more variations like:

  • Supima cotton: Also known as the ‘King of Cotton’ and the reason is quite good enough. Towels made of this cotton comes with stronger fibers that give them the tag of ‘high standard’ towels. If you are searching for a long term investment, you can consider the expensive Supima cotton towels.
  • Egyptian cotton: Luxury hotel towels made of this material are soft, highly absorbent and durable. It is also an affordable alternative to the expensive Supima cotton towels. Egyptian cotton towels is the perfect option for hotels that want to offer luxury to their guests within a budget.
  • Waffle: These towels display a honeycomb pattern and are super light. Even after becoming completely wet, they are very easy to carry around. These towels form a popular choice for hotel owners since it comes with a blend of style and functionality. High absorption power and fast-drying properties make waffle towels a good investment for hotel owners.


4. GSM: GSM or Grams per Square Metre is also a deciding factor that states whether your luxury hotel towels are good or not. Towels made of superior quality have higher GSM number and these kinds of white hotel towels have high absorption power and durability. Superior quality white hotel towels have GSM between 400-700 while standard hotel towels measure between 200-300.

5. Color: White is arguably the best color when it comes to choosing towels for your hotels. White hotel towels add a luxurious look to your hotel bathroom and hence, white has always been the statement color of the hospitality industry. However, to keep with the latest trend that is in vogue, you can go for other colors (in pastel or solid colors) according to your bathroom decor. Your guests will simply love the change!

Conclusion: The secret behind the excellence and preponderance of white hotel towels is now deciphered. Hotel owners across the globe consider the above-mentioned factors while selecting their hotel towels and granting their guests the right kind of comfort that they ardently await for. Call us to get more collections – 028 92698098