3 Towel Styles You Can Shop from the Best Linen Manufacturer

Who doesn’t like to conclude a relaxing bath session by rolling inside a soft, fluffy and large bath towel? Everyone just loves it because that feeling is incredible! Unfortunately, recognizing high-quality towels can be an arduous task; after all, it’s not possible to know if the chosen towels will be ultimately soft, durable and plush, fulfilling all your expectations, right?No! Purchasing towels from the best linen manufacturer always comes with an assurance of quality and satisfaction. Take the exclusive towels collection at Soft Touch Linens. Designed to create a pleasing post-bathing experience, the luxury towels are simply one of a kind.

You Can Shop from the Best Linen Manufacturer

Figure: Distinct Towel Styles

Soft Touch Linens – The Final Destination to Shop for the Best Quality Towels

Soft Touch Linens is the leading place to purchase premium-quality towels. As the top-ranking linen manufacturer in UK, the towel varieties have stood the test of time and provided the most delightful experience. But what’s so magical about these towel styles? Without further ado, let’s begin!


  1. Luxury Towels: Suggestive from the name itself, these towels are ideal to re-create the experience of using a luxury hotel towel at home. Produced from the finest Turkish cotton yarn, the towels weigh 600 GSM, the reason why the Luxury Towel variety is plushier, softer and thicker than other towel varieties of Soft Touch Linens. These towels are also available in different sizes – whether it is the hand towel, bath towel or bath sheet, each type is suitable for serving a specific purpose and the dimensions of the towels will surely not disappoint you.These towels flaunt a stunning look and their softness is simply incredible. The zero-twist weave is the secret feature that gifts these towels a touch of luxury and personifies an authentic upscale hotel experience. Priced at an affordable rate, the Luxury Towel strikes the perfect balance between top-notch quality and attractive design.
  2. Standard Towels: These towels are again crafted from the softest Turkish cotton, making them highly absorbent, smooth and long-lasting. These soft towels create a memorable and comforting experience as you use them to wipe yourself dry after a shower. Ideal for usage in spas, salons, hotels and resorts, the Standard Towels weigh 500 GSM and incorporate double-stitched hems as well as an embroidered band that yield a unique appeal.You can choose a face cloth (30 x 30 cm), bath towel (70 x 130 cm), hand towel (50 x 90 cm) or bath sheet (90 x 150 cm) as per your requirement. Be it the softness, durability or comfort, Soft Touch Linens’ Standard Towels score full marks and are one of the best-selling towels.
  3. Classic Towels: Looking for towels that offer tons of absorbency and irresistible softness? You’ll love the Classic Towels of Soft Touch Linens. Made with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton fibers, these towels are blessed with an incredibly soft texture, high absorbency and a minimalist aesthetic appeal.With these towels, you’ll have a special header bar design that adds an element of luxury to these alluring towels. The low-twist yarns maximize the softness of these towels and so, you better get ready to enjoy a cozy, relaxed after-bath time, just the way you wanted!And did we tell you that Classic Towels come in three striking colours? Anthracite, Silver Grey and Pristine White are your colour options to choose from.

    The towels effortlessly blend superior quality and attractive looks, offering great absorbency and endurance. No wonder why so many customers agree we are the best linen manufacturer in the UK!


Final Words: The collection of towels at Soft Touch Linens embody high-quality, softness, a plush feel and great durability. Incorporated with quick-drying properties and a super soft texture, if there’s anything that these towels can guarantee, it is a gratifying post-bathing experience everyday. Suitable for sensitive skin as well, with the Luxury Towel, Standard Towel or Classic Towel, you can perfectly count on the versatility and go ahead with the decision to purchase the softest, fluffiest and highly absorbent towels from Soft Touch Linens, the best linen manufacturer in UK.

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