Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen – Features that Make it Remarkable

The perfect bed linen is such that offers comfort without complaint. In addition to being a long-lasting and breathable fabric, the perfect bed linen is such that bestows a feeling of luxury no sooner than you start using it. After spending a long busy day, all you long for is some restful sleep at night so that you wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated.

But without a proper bed linen, getting your daily dose of sleep at night could turn out to be a pressing issue. Blame it on your mattress, pillows, sleeping posture or the uncomfortable room temperature, it is important to remember that an ill-suited bed linen can steal away your precious sleep. Is this the reason why linen manufacturers recommend Egyptian cotton bed linen to those looking to buy the best bed linen? Well, there are many reasons why falling for Egyptian cotton bed linen over and over is unavoidable once you have experienced the pleasure of using this bed linen.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Although the name cotton is included, the fibre Egyptian cotton is different from regular cotton. Cultivated in Egypt, Egyptian cotton is blessed with extra long fibres and the ability to produce stronger yarns than other cotton varieties. Moreover, these yarns are thinner and even smaller in diameter. As a result, such threads can be conveniently used for producing the most luxurious bed linen having a high thread count.

egyptian cotton bed linen

Reasons to Buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets

  • Durability

Durability is just the other name of Egyptian cotton bed linen. As stated by most of the textile experts around the world, an Egyptian cotton sheet has the best strength of durability compared to other varieties of cotton. Given that this material is made from extra-long fibres, after undergoing the advanced refining procedures, Egyptian cotton fabric is rendered with the property of durability. In fact, buying an Egyptian cotton sheet could last you up to years without any complaints!

  • Colour

While white is the most preferred choice of colour when buying Egyptian cotton sheets, finding this material in various colour options is not too surprising either. Thanks to this natural fibre’s ability to absorb the liquid, Egyptian cotton allows the dye to penetrate in a deeper and more resilient way. The result? Your Egyptian cotton bedding remains vibrant even after several washes. However, most people prefer to stick to white Egyptian cotton bed linen since nothing beats the opulence of all-white Egyptian cotton bedding, just like in the luxury hotels.

  • Comfort

The comfort factor is an important consideration for all buyers since everyone wants bed linen that will befriend their sleep rather than driving it away! And sleeping on an Egyptian cotton sheet is an extremely comforting experience that is difficult to forget. As the raw material is composed of thinner fibres, it extends an amazingly soft feeling against your skin. Many people complain that sleeping on their bed linen makes them sweat a lot and imparts a feeling of discomfort throughout the night. But with an Egyptian cotton sheet, it is a different story altogether. Being a breathable fabric, it allows more air to pass through the fabric and helps you to sleep comfortably. Thus, whether you want bed linen for summer or winter months, an Egyptian cotton bed linen is an all-time excellent option.

  • Appeal

When buying luxury bedding online, the appeal is the first factor that influences the choice of some buyers. And fortunately, Egyptian cotton sheets offer no room for doubting its attractive features. By using a simple Egyptian cotton bed linen and pillows covers, you can transform the entire appeal of your bedroom. For better understanding, take the example of a luxury hotel room. Upon entering, the first thing that grabs our attention is the king-size bed and more importantly, the luxurious appeal of the bedding. In other words, the fact that bed linen can make a difference to your bedroom is true not without a reason.

Conclusion – An Egyptian cotton bed linen is most well known for its quality, breathability, long-lasting power and luxurious appeal. To tell the truth, using this bed linen is all you need to redefine the appeal of your bedroom and complement the decor. So, should you be looking to transform your bedroom or if you want to have a luxury hotel-like bed, using an Egyptian cotton sheet is the option you would always want to count on for numerous reasons.

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