Hotel Bath Products Online – 6 Tips to Pick Luxury Hotel Towels

A towel happens to be one of the essential items in a hotel bathroom and its quality or the lack of it can impact the overall experience of guests put up there. Hence, it is important that as a hotel owner when you purchase towels along with other hotel bath products onlineyou should keep certain things in mind. The hotel toiletries suppliers will show you towels of different materials, sizes, textures, and border types. You have to carefully consider these attributes and choose the right one that is likely to satisfy the expectations of your discerning guests.

Selecting the right bath towel can positively influence the guest’s perception of the quality of your hotel service. A premium quality towel can become the difference between a satisfied customer and an unsatisfied one who will carry a negative impression about your hotel service. In this blog, we’ll give you the idea of selecting premium quality bath towels from virtual stores that sell hotel bath products online.

Tips to select premium quality towels when shopping hotel bath products online

The below-mentioned points will guide you to choose the right hotel towel that your guests will love.

The right size

You must provide your guests with towels of the right size, for otherwise, they may struggle to use them and end up harboring a bad perception about your hotel (whether hand or bath towels). So, you must provide both bath and hand towels to your guests and let them use the same at their convenience.

The Right Fabric

You must choose the right fabric while buying towels for your hotel’s bathroom. And when we talk about fabrics, then nothing beats the dexterity, strength, and softness of pure cotton. And even when you select cotton, you have to choose between different varieties of cotton viz., Egyptian cotton towel, Supima cotton towel, and Turkish cotton towel. A towel made of high-quality Turkish cotton fabric will feel softer to touch compared to a low-quality cotton towel.

High Durability

While selecting towels for your hotel, you must give due consideration to their durability. A cotton towel with a double-ply will last longer when compared to a towel with a single-ply. This makes such towels a good value for your money. Importantly, do not buy cotton and polyester blend towels, for even though they are more durable, they are less absorbent than 100 percent cotton towels.

Combed Cotton Loops

When you are looking for a bath towel, then choose the one that comes with a 100 percent combed tag. These towels are made up of long thread cotton that increases their strength and prevents piling. A combed cotton towel that is tightly packed and has thick loops can absorb water more easily and is therefore considered the perfect bath towel.

Towel border

A bath towel can have either a dobby or a cam border. Any upscale hotel looking to source premium towels from luxury hotel toiletries suppliers should get dobby bordered towels for its premium guests. This is due to the fact that such towels have beautiful-looking stripes and come with unique designs. A cam border, on the other hand, has a flat texture.

The weight of the towel

One of the important things that you have to take into consideration when buying a towel is its weight typically measured in GSM (gram per square meter). A towel with a higher weight gives a feeling of being premium. When visiting a website selling hotel bath products online, select one that has more than 500 GSM units. If you buy towels with lower GSM units, your guests may not experience the soft and lush feel that a premium towel provides.


Towels of high quality, colour, and texture can give your esteemed guests the right amount of comfort. If you follow the above-mentioned tips while selecting hotel bath towels, you can get hold of the right one that is durable and enhances the overall experience of your patrons.

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