How to Choose the Best Table Linen for Your Dining Room?

When serving a meal, the taste of the food certainly matters. But what also decides whether your guests, at home or hotel, will feel invited to the dining area is the appearance of the table. Even when you serve the most delectable dish, if the table doesn’t look appealing, your guest may not have the increased urge to taste the dish that you had put in so much effort.

They say a table’s attractiveness goes a long way in determining how we enjoy our food. In fact, a recent study also states that a table that is decorated with elegant table linen piques a person’s interest in the food that is served. Hence, table linen plays a significant role more than what you know; it adds grace and style to mealtime and also influences our perception of the food. So, if buying table linen implies a waste of time and money, think again how your backyard picnic, outdoor breakfast or formal dinner would feel more special when the table is set with crisp and beautiful linens, runners and napkins.

The problem arises when you have to buy table linen. You’ll come across numerous sellers advertising high-quality table linens. But are all the table linens worth your attention? That is why, in this blog, we’ll discuss the things to consider when buying table linen.

Factors to Consider When Buying Table Linen

1.Quality: Quality is the first factor to take into account when buying a luxury table linen. Since table linens function much more than decorating items, they must of good quality to survive spills, frequent washes or stains. By only picking a premium quality table linen fabric, you can be sure that it won’t become threadbare just after the second wash. As buying a table linen is an investment, you would want to pay a price for a good quality piece of cloth that goes well with your mood or aesthetic anytime. If you’re searching for the best table linen fabric, you can consider the 100% polyester table cloth that comes with stain resistance and colour retention properties.

2.Material: The next thing that you should be considering is the fabric. Table lines made of 100% cotton are the best as they not only look fabulous but feel excellent when you touch for wiping, resting your hands or cleaning. Want to know what those beautiful table linens that you see on Instagram or other social media pages are made of? Cotton it is! If you want to have a picture-worthy table every time you have a meal, there is nothing better than buying a cotton table linen online and decorating your table. Besides, these table linens are very durable and fade-resistant even after being washed several times.

3.Size and shape: A table linen that is of wrong size or shape is a complete mismatch. The appropriate size and shape add to the overall appearance of the table. Fortunately, now you can find a table line of your required size or shape easily, whether in a linen store or online. The size specifications usually start from 56 X 56 cm and continue up to 304 cm. Circular, rectangular, square or oval, name any shape and you’ll find a table cloth that best fits your needs.

4.Maintenance: Using table linen that has a complicated maintenance procedure is certainly not the ideal one. After all, you are busy and wasting your precious time behind cleaning table linen would perhaps be the last thing that you want. Besides, your table linen must look attractive as much as possible even after several washes. So, choosing table linen that is easy to care will save you time and relieve you from maintenance troubles. If you want table linens for your hotel business, checking out the maintenance procedure is essential because surely, you’ll be looking for table cloths that can be quickly cleaned and used again.

5.Colour: Choosing the perfect table linen colour is vital as it reflects your taste, style, and preference. If it is for your luxury hotel, the ideal table linen colour itself sets the table for your guests to a great extent. For instance: if you want hotel table linens, buy luxury linen online that is clear white or ivory; it instantly adds elegance to your dining room and gives a more formal touch. If the table linen is for your home, choose a colour that complements the shades of your wall, curtain and crockery. In case you are confused which table linen colour will go best with your dining room, always go for table linens in pastel shades. Then you can combine other colours more harmoniously, creating an interesting contrast.

Conclusion: A table linen can transform the look of your dining room immediately. It creates a welcoming look for the room, making any meal or occasion feel special. But buying table linens can be a daunting task since it is impossible to determine which ones are soft, luxurious and durable. Hence, keep the above-mentioned factors in mind and choose your table linen more confidently. To know more about our table linens, call us on 02892698098.

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