Luxury Towels – Types And How Many You Need Them

How many towels do you have in your home? A question like this is all set to receive variable answers! Some houses will stock five towels while others maybe more or less than that. But on a serious note, determining the exact number of luxury towels required for your home is a challenge.

Considering the number of family members, laundry routine and storage space, deciding the exact number of towels you need is not possible all the time. In addition, towels are available in various sizes and colors. Before you delve deep into the number game, do you know what are the different types of bath towels available?

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Types of Luxury Towels

1. Face cloths: With a measurement of 30 X 30cm, a face cloth is the smallest member of the towel family. The purpose of this towel is understood from the name itself. After washing your face, use a face cloth to pat your face dry.

2. Hand towels: A hand towel usually measures 50 X 90cm. Your set of towel is not complete unless a hand towel is a part of it. These are the towels that you would like to have near your sink so that you can easily use this after washing your hands instead of looking for your bath towel elsewhere in your home.

3. Bath towels: Sized at 70 X 130cm, a bath towel spells convenience and you can feel this best after your bath. Because of its large size, you can wrap it around or dry yourself using this towel. Should you want to buy white hotel towels, go for the ones that are made of Turkish cotton as these towels are the softest, highly durable and convey a luxurious appeal to your hotel’s or home’s bathrooms.

4. Bath sheets: This is the largest member of your luxury towel set. Wondering what is the difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel? Nothing much barring the size alone. A bath sheet measures 100 X 150 cm which makes it larger than a bath towel. You can use a bath sheet after a shower and enjoy a greater rate of absorbency, better covering and more warmth, all thanks to the size.

Now comes the main question – how many towels should you have at your home?

In your bathroom

In a week, most families generally use two sets of towels per member and it comprises of a hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet. However, this will depend on how frequently you choose to wash your towels. Many people launder their towels once every four days and some twice a week. Considering the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene, it is best to have two sets of towels for each of your family members. You can purchase wholesale white towels from a reputed linen supplier to have adequate good quality towels at cost-effective prices.

In your linen cabinet

According to most of the textile specialists, if there are two people, they will have four hand towels, four bath sheets and six bath towels in their standard linen cabinet. This amount is sufficient and can be used in rotation. Also, you can have some towels available for your guests too. On the other hand, if your family is more than two members, having two towels of each type in your closet is indeed a smart move!

In your guest bathroom/room

Ideally, your guest’s bathroom should have two sets of both bath and hand towels but it all depends on how you choose to accentuate the bathroom. For instance: if you cloak the hand towels on top of the bath towels, you will have ample space to contain the second set. Accommodating classic anthracite hand and bath towels in your guest or hotel bathroom is simply a visual treat.

Towels for your guests

If you are the supervisor of a leading hotel chain, there is no room for finding the middle ground. Preference to quality, utility, performance and adequate number play the lead. Have two sets of each towel type (hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet) in your hotel’s bathrooms. To serve the purpose of your hotel, ensure you select the best wholesale linen suppliers to provide you with the softest, highly absorbent and durable towels that fit the bill.

Conclusion: Now that we’ve told you the various types of towels and cleared your confusion regarding the number game, it is your turn to go out and get your set of luxury towels. To tell the truth, the contentment of using premium quality towels everyday is something remarkable. Have you felt it yet?

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