The 5 Most Popular Varieties of Hotel Pillows Online

Every room in your home is special for something – the kitchen for cooking delicious meals, the living room for catching up on your favourite TV shows and finally the bedroom for stepping into the quietus realm of sleep. Now, imagine this. Your mattress is perfect, the bed sheet is soft but your pillows are worn out so much that you’re squashing and squeezing them throughout the night to get the right fluff. Surely, that’s not the way you want to sleep, do you? This brings us to the topic of our blog – choosing the right type of hotel pillows online.

Not all pillows are soft. Neither are all pillows firm. If some render support to the back and neck, others induce comfort to the whole body. Ever wondered why the pillows used in hotels are so perfect? It’s because they pick the correct type of pillow for their guests. Continue reading as we tell you the most sought-after kinds of pillows.

Hotel Pillows Online – The Various Types You Should Know About

Memory foam pillows: Made of polyurethane, a material found in sofas and mattresses, memory foam pillows have admirable density and viscosity and are also known as ‘visco-elastic’. The reason why this variety of pillow is a popular choice among many is because of its ability to adjust to your sleeping posture and allow your shoulder and head to rest in the most comfortable position. As this pillow can help align your spine and neck consistently, a memory foam pillow is highly recommended for those with shoulder, neck and back issues.

Down pillows: Looking for the softest hotel pillows online? You’ll love the down pillows! This pillow contains the softest fibers that come from the feathers of a bird, often called the ‘undercoating’ as the feathers are located near the chest. Down pillows usually have feathers of ducks, geese or swans. But if you’re purchasing a premium quality down pillow, you’re lucky for there’s probably feathers of a Hungarian Goose or White Goose inside it!

Down pillows are very fluffy and lightweight. More than providing support, this type of pillow offers a soft cushiony feel to your body. So, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, you can befriend a down pillow anytime!

Feather pillows: Feather pillows belong to the down pillow family only with two differences – the feathers of this pillow type are derived from the wing and back feathers of ducks and geese. Besides being soft and fluffy, feather pillows can retain their shape for a longer time compared to down pillows. Reason? Because it comprises larger and better-structured feathers. If you’re looking for a soft pillow that retains its shape and is lightweight at the same time, feather pillows leave no room for disappointment.

Latex pillows: This type of pillow is composed of 100% natural and organic latex and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Apart from being a biodegradable variety, latex pillows are flame resistant and can last for a really long time.

Want to know another speciality of this pillow type? It impedes the attacks of mold and mildew and even keeps dust mites and bugs at bay. Latex pillows are not only soft but also durable and offer a firm yet comfortable sleeping surface that adjusts with the position of your head and neck.

Micro bead pillows: Have you ever used the U-shaped travel pillows? No, a micro bead pillow isn’t another name for travel pillows but the filling is common to both the pillows. This type of pillow has polystyrene beads inside and soft elastic covering on the outside.

 Want a pillow that provides additional body support? A micro bead pillow is the right choice. When you put pressure on the pillow, the beads displace and evenly distribute the pressure to adjust to your body shape and create the required support system. Other than being compact and lightweight, micro bead pillows are hypoallergenic, dust-free, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. No wonder why allergic people are so fond of it!

Final lines: A comfortable bed comprises several components. If you’re thinking picking the right mattress is enough to meet your sleeping requirements, you’re making a major mistake. To recreate a luxury hotel bed in your home, you must be careful about the type of bed sheet, mattress, blanket (if needed) and of course, pillows you’re choosing. Now, you know the most popular pillow types you’ll come across when shopping for hotel pillows online, don’t you?

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