The Simple Guide to Buying the Best Luxury Towels in UK

Stepping out of the shower after a refreshing rinse and wrapping yourself in a soft, cosy and warm towel is probably one of the best feelings that we all can relate to. Have you ever used a luxury towel in a five star hotel and you loved it so much that you almost put it inside your bag? Probably, everyone must have had the same urge whenever we lodged in a luxury hotel! The affinity towards luxury hotel towels is not a mystery anymore; it’s for the incredible softness, comfort and high-quality that we so desperately seek to buy the same luxury towels in UK for personal usage.  Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold and so are luxury towels. Not every soft towel promises superior quality but softness is imperative to the finest luxury towels.

Towels are an essential bathroom accessory that serves both utility and aesthetic purposes. If you’re looking to be greeted by the warmth of a soft, cost and beautifully absorbent luxury towel after a soak everyday, you must make your choice diligently after considering the following factors. Read on!

Choosing the Right Luxury Towel

Select the fabric: For anyone who has no idea about the various towel fabrics, selecting a superior quality luxury towel can be a challenge. Most of the buyers think that there’s nothing better than a cotton towel. But did you know cotton also has varieties? You visit an online linen store and find Turkish, Egyptian, organic and Pima cotton on one hand while Microfiber and Bamboo on the other. Too confusing? Don’t worry! We’ll simplify it for you. Cotton towels are undoubtedly the best, but Turkish cotton towels particularly are ‘functional beauty’. If you had ever wondered ‘what towels are used in luxury hotels?’ the answer is 100% Turkish cotton towels. The extra-long fibers create the most absorbent and softest towels. Rendering a classic style to your bathroom, Turkish cotton luxury towels are well-known for their comfort, durability and sophisticated appeal.

Check the weight: You should be able to easily wrap around the luxury towel and still feel as light as air. Weight is also another factor that either makes or breaks your comfort. The weight of the towel is measured by the Grams per Square Metre (GSM). When you’re buying luxury towels in UK or elsewhere, you’ll likely come across both lightweight and heavy towels. Towels weighing 300-400 GSM are thin, inexpensive and lightweight. Such towels are suitable for use in gym or beach. If you’re looking for more plush, fluffy and superior quality towels like the ones used in luxury hotels, towels weighing between 500-600 GSM are ideal for being used as an everyday bath towel. For the softest feel and luxurious wrap around your skin, pick a high GSM towel for the higher the GSM, the softer, more comfortable and better performer the towel is.

The towel construction: We know how difficult it is to differentiate one luxury towel from the other. But as they say, don’t judge a towel by how it looks. Instead, eye for details like the number of loops in the towel. The number as well as the length of the loops determines the kind of absorbent champion the luxury towel is. The number of loops increases along with the length. Thus, the more the loops and longer the length, the higher is the absorbency and softer it feels on your skin. So, if you are caught between two luxury towels, one with 1000 loops and the other with 1500, you know which one to choose, right?

Wrapping up: Towels are the hardest working members in your home. Besides keeping you clean and dry, luxury towels also bestow a touch of elegance to your bathroom. However, when buying luxury towels in UK, you must look beyond the visual appeal and understand the inner aspects. Making an informed decision is the crux of the matter. So, how do you do that? Consider the fabric, towel construction and weight. Along with this, be sure of the correct towel size – bath towel, bath sheet, hand or face towel. Now, wondering where to look for the best luxury towels in UK? Visit Soft Touch Linens, the one-stop-shop for luxury bedding, towels, toiletries, table linen, bath mats and more. Made of the finest Turkish cotton yarn our exclusive collection of luxury towels is extremely soft on skin, highly-absorbent and makes a beautiful bathroom accessory.

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