Things to Look for When Buying Hotel Blankets Online

When the weather cools down, we all reach for a blanket to add an extra layer of cozy warmth to our bed. Well, why not? The blanket is like your winter-time buddy, you know. For all those who are thinking that a blanket’s job is to only provide warmth, you’re mistaken.

With more and more hoteliers investing time and effort to make sure that their guests have the best good night’s sleep, it is crucial to understand that buying hotel blankets from a reliable luxury bedding supplier in UK does not simply mean picking up different colours and designs. To help you find the best blankets, we have narrowed down some basic points that you should consider while buying them.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Points to Consider When Buying Hotel Blankets

Choosing the right blanket size

Before buying a blanket, make sure you know the size of your bed. Although the blanket sizes may vary from brand to brand, the usual sizes, from the largest to the minor one, are:

Twin: 90’’ x 65”

Full: 90’’ x 85’’

Queen: 90’’ x 90’’

King: 90’’ x 110’’

Go for the right fabric

Choosing the best fabric for the hotel blankets in your hotel rooms can be a bit tricky. Your guests can have their own individual preferences, some may like a fuzzy blanket, some go for smooth texture, while few people can have some allergy concerns. Here are some of the most sought-afterfabrics you can opt for:

Cotton: Cotton is a staple fiber that produces a and fluffy and soft fabric. It offers a long-lasting strength even after multiple washes.

Wool: When the weather cools down and you need some extra insulation at night, woolen blanketsare indeed the perfect choice. Also, as we all know that wool is naturally fire-resistant, you canuse these blankets around heat sources as well.

Fleece: Fleece blankets are extremely light, soft and easy to wash and dry. And, do you know the best thing about them? When you buy them from the best luxury bedding supplier in UK, you get a wide range of different printsto choose from.

Vellux: The best thing about these blankets is that they are hypoallergenic and can be washed multiple times without any wear and tears.

The weave

Just like Egyptian cotton beddingblankets have different weaves that offer different levels of warmth and weight. Some of them include:

Thermal: One of the best things about thermal blankets is that as the weave is loose, they let air circulate easily. Also, since they are lightweight, you can use them in the summer months as well.

Conventional: Conventional blankets feature a typical weave that’s very tight and close, creating excellent insulation for body heat.

The heavier your luxury quilts, the warmer it is: WRONG

The statement is clearly not true as the fill inside the quilts is actually the deciding factor. In other words, a luxury quilt’s insulating capacity and quality are dependent on the filling. If the quilt has a high fill power it means the filling is light and provides good insulation. Also, considering the material of the quilt filling is important. If it has natural fillings, you’ll enjoy comfort and breathability at the same time. You can choose your luxury quilts of various materials like a feather and down, wool or polyester and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Final Thoughts:

Hotel blankets are manufactured in 3 layers – top, middle and bottom layers. So, what are you waiting for? Glance through our luxury quilt collection and you will be amazed to find the variety of designs, colors, patterns and motifs that are available.

Being the best luxury bedding supplier in UK, Soft Touch Linens offers a wide range of products ranging from towels to table cloths, pillows to quilts, toiletries to bathrobes and also luxury bath mats. For details, visit our website today!

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