Turkish Cotton Vs. Synthetic: Choose the Best Bathrobe Fabric

Like many other essential things in our lives, a bathrobe has turned out to be a necessity. What was a symbol of luxury and royalty in the earlier times, over the years, robes have gained widespread popularity among both men and women. With advances in the manufacturing technology and the varied materials used, you always have numerous options to choose the right fabric for your luxury hotel bathrobe UK.


As the two mainstay fabrics for bathrobes, Turkish cotton and synthetic fiber deserve serious attention. Knowing the difference between them will help you make a better choice on how to accurately buy luxury bathrobes for your guests.

What are the Main Differences Between Turkish Cotton and Synthetic Fiber?

The fabric of the bathrobe plays a vital role in making or breaking the luxurious experience. Whether you choose Turkish cotton or synthetic fiber, make sure the material is durable enough to sustain regular usage.

1.  Notable Absorbency

Both Turkish cotton and synthetic fiber luxury bathrobes are strong and durable. Synthetic fibers are more hydrophobic, which makes them less absorbent when compared to Turkish cotton.

Turkish cotton is already popular for creating highly absorbent and soft bathrobes. These bathrobes will wick water away from your skin quickly, getting you dry faster. This is the reason why Turkish cotton luxury bathrobes feature as one of the best amenities for guests at top-class upscale hotels and resorts.

2.  Eco-Friendly

As we already know that synthetic fiber is made using plastic, they are not biodegradable. Also, synthetic bathrobes may cause allergies among some wearers.

On the other hand, Turkish cotton bathrobes are much more eco-friendly than synthetic ones as they do not use any chemicals, like harsh fabric softeners, during the production process.

3. Turkish Cotton Luxury Bathrobes: An Optimal Choice

They are the Softest Around: The fabric is incredibly soft and long-lasting. Weighing 400 GSM, Turkish cotton luxury bathrobes never fails to give a warm hug whenever worn. They wrap you in luxury, rendering a wonderful velvety touch and an impressive look after wearing.

  • Hassle-Free Size Selection: Most of the luxury hotel bathrobes in UK are available in a uniform size that fits any man or woman. With the one-size-fits-all option, there is no need to waste your time, whether your guest needs a large-size bathrobe or a medium one.
  • Textured Elegance: These bathrobes carry a decorated design woven with simplicity, making them a classic choice for abundant preferences. They can be customized according to your requirements, without looking stuffed with additional designs. Some of these designs include embroidered logos or monograms, colored piping and so on.
  • Proper Breathability: Turkish cotton luxury bathrobes let airflow within the fabric and allow it to dry quickly after being used in wet surroundings such as after a bath or swim. As the fabric is dried with ease, Turkish cotton bathrobes can be washed anytime to make them ready for use.Moreover, the air-circulating feature makes them perfect to keep your guests cool as well as warm in various surroundings accordingly.

Wrapping Up

There you go! Although some differences between Turkish cotton and synthetic fiber bathrobes can be noticed, the final decision is always yours. Besides considering the size, color, and style, the material is the ultimate factor that decides which luxury bathrobe is best suitable for your guests.

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