What Are the Best Reasons to Choose Turkish Cotton Towels?

You’re at the most popular bath linen store, trying to get your hands on the softest, fluffiest and highly absorbent bath towel. You look at the shelves to find various towel fabrics. There’s cotton, microfiber, polyester, bamboo, Egyptian cotton and many other fabrics. Also, there are towels from the house of the best linen manufacturer and eminent brands. Confused, you ask for a recommendation and the seller suggests you pick a Turkish cotton bath towel. “It’s soft, plush, absorbent and long-lasting”, he says.

Now, you start thinking – ‘Is he telling the truth?’ ‘Should I go for Turkish cotton bath towel?’ ‘Does it really worth the money?’ To tell the truth, any bath linen store you visit, you’ll find Turkish cotton everywhere, especially in the bath towels category. The question is why?

Along with Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton also tends to be an essential component of a linen manufacturer’s range of products. The primary reason being it’s superior quality attributes. But are there any other reasons why Turkish cotton is the most sought-after towel fabric? Of course, there are! And to know them all, keep reading till the end.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Turkish Cotton Towels

Extremely soft: You may wonder why Turkish cotton towels aren’t as thick as other towel materials. They may not be as thick as you expected but their softness cannot go underrated. Turkish cotton towels have extra-long fibres with fewer joints in the fabric’s weave. As a consequence, the towels are blessed with an incredible softness and treat your skin more kindly than any other materials. Should you be looking for the perfect towels to create a luxurious post-bathing experience at your high-end hotel establishment, a generous supply of Turkish cotton towels is the best fit.

Absorbency: The most important quality that you’ll look for before choosing a towel is the water-retaining capacity and Turkish cotton towels will never disappoint you on that one. Thanks to the long-staple fibre lengths that help the towels to become super absorbent. And did you know towels made of Turkish cotton dry more quickly too? This implies the towels don’t stay damp for too long and the risk of developing mildew, bacteria and producing a musty smell is significantly reduced, a problem you may experience with other towel materials.

Not too heavy: Are you searching for towels that aren’t as heavy as lead even when they’re dry? You’ll be satisfied after using a Turkish cotton towel. This type of cotton is usually lightweight. Since towels are available in varying GSMs, purchasing a 500-600 GSM Turkish cotton towel from a reliable linen manufacturer in UK will allow you to enjoy the convenience of easy storage. Moreover, you can carry it around comfortably too, even when it’s dripping wet.

Long-lasting and cost-effective: Let’s speak the truth. Buying a luxury towel is an expensive indulgence and when you do, you want to continue using it for as long as possible, don’t you? When speaking about durability, you can rely on the resilience of Turkish cotton towels. Perfect for everyday usage, the towels are designed to withstand the test of time and last longer than many other towel materials available today. Thus, Turkish cotton towels help you to save money in the long run.

Where Can I Get the Best Turkish Cotton Towels?

Getting the best Turkish cotton towels isn’t a simple process. There are too many brands and bath linen manufacturers trying to win your attention by promising high-quality products. However, should you buy luxury Turkish cotton towels from Soft Touch Linens, the best linen manufacturer in UK, you are assured of enjoying unlimited satisfaction. The towels are available in four distinct varieties – Luxury, Standard, Classic and Coloured. Weighing between 500-600 GSM, the towels are exceptionally soft, plush, durable and absorbent. Visit https://softtouchlinens.co.uk/bathroom-products/towels and check out our collection today.

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