What are the Best Winter Luxury Bathrobes for Hotels?

With the winter already here in UK, your guests will first search for a warm and cozy bathrobe to slip in after reaching your hotel. Surely, you do not want to mar their expectations right?


That is why you search for the best luxury bathrobes that will provide good warmth to your guests on a cold winter evening. During the winter months, especially in UK when the temperature is as low as 2 degrees Celsius, one cannot help but wear clothes in layers to provide maximum warmth to the body. Just when your guests would be searching for something extra to add to the ones that they are already wearing, a warm bathrobe would serve as the ideal piece of clothing.

Steering away from the absorbent and cooling properties of bathrobes, in this blog, we shall focus on the warming abilities of various bathrobe materials, reading which will help you to purchase the warmest and the coziest bathrobes from your bath linen manufacturer.

Luxury Hotel Bathrobe UK

Warmest Bathrobe Materials to Have in Your Hotel

  1. Turkish cotton: You can provide waffle and balmoral bathrobes to your guests to combat the freezing temperatures. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, both these bathrobes form a very comfortable loungewear option for your guests. Although not as heavy as the woolen ones but undermining their warming capabilities would be wrong. With a thickness of 400 GSM per square meter, these luxury bathrobes provide the required warmth to your guests quite conveniently. Besides, they are easy to maintain and do not become too heavy after getting wet. If you think plain bathrobes look too dull, these waffle and balmoral bathrobes come with extra features like shawl collar style and pockets. You can choose Turkish cotton bathrobes of various colors from any bath linen supplier.
  2. Cotton Velour: Cotton velour is another type regarded as a luxury Hotel Bathrobe in UK. These bathrobes are a great affordable option and suitable for wearing on colder days. The main reasons why cotton velour bathrobes are so popular in the hotel industry are due to their thickness, luxurious feel and softness. You can also enjoy the additional benefit of effortless maintenance and durability for many years at a stretch.
  3. Flannel: Flannel fabric has been material since the olden days and was used to make coats, house robes, shirts and dress. But ‘old is gold’ and so are the flannel bathrobes, quite a popular lounge wear in hotels during the winters. You can go through the modern fleece bathrobes collection which look glamorous as silk and satin robes. Formerly, flannel was made from wool but in present times, cotton is blended to have more snug, soft and stylish bathrobes.

Conclusion: These are the 3 warmest luxury bathrobe materials that you can look out for when buying linen online or from a hotel linen supplier. Also, how about trying something new? You can go for bathrobes that display features like a shawl collar or an embroidery work on the lower portion instead of the plain single color with no design. Make sure the bathrobes are of a larger size to provide optimum warmth and comfort.

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