What is the Usefulness of Luxury Bath Mats?

When it comes to embellishing your home, you are simply a perfectionist. From picking the right theme, deciding the colors of the walls, ceilings and floor to choosing the most useful home decor accessories, you surely know how to make your abode look best all the time. Similarly, when it comes to your bathroom decor, luxury bath mats have their own role to play. Your bathroom may have all the modern features like heated ceramic flooring, dual-flush toilet, high-gloss tiles and flush mount lighting but if there is no proper bath mat, alas! You’ve not done enough to level up the safety of your bathroom. And the next time anyone trips and falls, you already know the reason!

A bath mat may appear to be a simple addition to the bathroom decor. But it improves the safety factor of your bathroom while providing an absorbent and soft surface underneath your feet.

Hidden Values of Luxury Bath Mats that You Should Know

  1. Offers protection from slips and falls

Slipping and falling on the wet floor can lead to fatal accidents at times. The best way to tackle such fatal bathroom accidents is when you have a bath mat. Bath mats, especially the ones which are made of 100% rubber, offer added grip to your feet when wet and create a suction pressure, thereby reducing the chances of slipping. The toweling bath mats absorb the moisture from the soles of your feet, drying them up before you step on the floor. Therefore, either way, the risk of suffering accidents gets eliminated.

  1. Maximum comfort

Let’s face it. During winters, we all hate to step on the cold wet floor and receive a terrible shock on our feet. With luxury bath mats at the right place, forget about enduring the icy cold floor! Instead, enjoy some comfort and luxury while standing on the soft and plush bath mat.

  1. Getting out of the tub more conveniently

Do you love to spend time in your bathtub but find getting out a hassle? Exiting a bathtub is indeed a hassle, mainly a safety hazard since there are no grips to hold on to and get up. But with a bath mat placed in front of your tub, there will be an added base for your feet to hold on tight. As a consequence, you can get out of the tub in a safer and more convenient way.

Expert Tips to Select the Right Luxury Bath Mats: An Overview

Size: The bath mat should be of the appropriate size. If it’s outside the shower or bathtub, a larger size would be the right choice. If it’s in front of your sink or toilet, go for a smaller size. For your information, the standard size of a luxury bath mat is 50 x 75 cm, quite large size and suitable for spacious bathrooms.

Material: While wrapping yourself in the softest white hotel bathrobes is one way to indulge in luxe, style and comfort post-bath, having a plush and absorbent toweling bath mat to stand on also accentuates your comfort. And did you know, Turkish cotton bathroom mats are extremely soft and have a high absorption power.

Weight:If you’re looking for plush, durable and highly absorbent bath mats, like the ones used in luxury hotels, pick a higher GSM bath mat, ideally weighing 700 GSM. On the contrary, lower GSM bath mats are lightweight, dry quickly and require frequent replacement.

Final Thoughts:

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