What Makes Luxury Hotel Towels Made of Turkish cotton So Good?

Towels form one of the major components of the hotel industry. Particularly the hotels, resorts and spa centers are heavily dependent on this basic item and make sure they are of the best quality while purchasing them from a manufacturer or online. Hotels, especially, put forth a huge demand for luxury hotel towels since these are very soft, fluffy and great absorbents. But do you know what are such towels made of? Why are these hotel towels so fluffy and soft? The answer is simple: the luxury hotel towels are mainly composed of Turkish cotton.

Turkish cotton is often the principal material used to weave white hotel towels. As a result, the towels are so fluffy and soft. Turkish cotton is a material that is known for its comfort-providing factor so much so that it has the capability of taking comfort to a different level altogether! Besides, towels composed of Turkish cotton never fail to offer a touch of luxury to your hotel’s decor and user as well. Although there are many kinds of towels available with a hotel linen supplier, buying Turkish cotton hotel towels is the best bargain that you will ever come to.

Luxury Hotel Towel 600 GSM

About Turkish cotton

As the name suggests, Turkish cotton is a material that has its origin in the Aegean region. Durability, superior quality, softness and moisture retention are all the strengths that establish Turkish cotton as the most acclaimed towel material in the world.

If you think such praises are fumes of fancy, think again. The hype for Turkish cotton is not without a reason. The reasons why this white hotel towel material remains distinguished are for its moisture retention capabilities, softness and durability. Your role as a hotel proprietor remains incomplete if you haven’t offered your guests the privilege of using Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels. The fibre is first handpicked and refined further carefully to ensure the fibre remains undamaged. It is then hand-woven to produce towels, bed linens, duvets and blankets.

The Role weight in Buying Turkish cotton Towels

Understanding the weight is important when purchasing any white hotel towels and Turkish cotton towels too are not an exception. The weight decides the price you need to pay. If you are looking for softer and more luxurious white hotel towels, you need to buy Turkish cotton towels that come with a higher weight per square meter. The most prevalent weight in Turkish cotton hotel towels are:

  • 600 or more: The epitome of luxury, whether you are buying white hotel towels or bed linens, your guests will love using them. Luxury hotel towels composed of such high weight are undoubtedly the finest and expensive as well.

  • 600 Gram per Square meters: Mostly used in upscale hotels all over the globe, 600 Gsm Turkish cotton hotel towels are durable, comfortable and soft to touch. These are also the most extensively available with a hotel linens supplier.

  • 500 Gsm: Exceptionally good quality towels for 2-3-star hotel.

Why should you buy Turkish cotton towels for your hotel?

The major advantages of purchasing Turkish cotton towels are:

  1. They are soft: The biggest advantage is that Turkish cotton luxury hotel towels are softer when compared to any other variety. As a consequence, they are great for use on sensitive skin.
  2. High durability: Unlike ordinary towels that get depleted with age and use, Turkish cotton towels last for many years. Thus, these towels are truly value for money.
  3. Good absorbents: Turkish cotton towels come with high moisture retention properties. Also, they dry quickly even after being completely wet.

Conclusion: Now you know why hotels prefer having Turkish cotton towels. These towels are soft on the skin, have great moisture retaining property and come with an overall luxurious appearance. To know more about our luxury hotel towels, call us on 028 92698098

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