When Should You Replace Your White Hotel Towel?

Towels are an everyday essential that add more than just color and pattern to your bathroom. However, the joy of using a soft, fluffy white hotel towel is often underrated. You understand the importance only when you realize the bath towel is no longer doing the job as it should. You’re still left wet despite wiping your body with it for ten or more minutes. Besides, it looks so old and worn out. ‘Is it time to buy a new towel?’ you wonder but then again, you continue using that old, dingy towel.

We all know how essential it is to keep our bath towels clean and hygienic. For this reason, you’re advised to replace your bath towels at regular intervals.

But when is exactly the time to bid adieu to your old towel? Keep an eye for these signs as suggested by one of the renowned bath linen manufacturing brands.

When to Replace Your White Hotel Towel

It is too rough and stiff

Being a reputable linen supplier in UK, we believe that a bath towel should be frequently washed with soap and water. However, there’s a catch.

Excessive use of detergent and fabric softeners leave towels feeling rough and stiff. What’s worse? This harshness is irreversible. If your towels are feeling harsh and stiff, consider replacing them with towels made of Turkish cotton.

Super soft and plush, Turkish cotton towels are very absorbent and render the comfort of upscale hotel towels.

Reduced absorbency

This is a clear sign that your towel is already nearing the end of its life. That’s because there are not enough fibers left to retain moisture.

Every time you wash a towel, it loses fibers and that leads to poor absorbency.

It is faded

Frequently washing your bath towel with bleaching agents and fabric softeners impacts the absorbency. Coupled with this, the towel also loses its vibrancy.

As a result, the bath towel looks dull, faded and unattractive. Imagine keeping such a towel in your elegantly decorated bathroom! A white hotel towel is an excellent piece of bathroom décor.

Hence, if it looks too old and drab, there’s no need to think even once before getting a new towel!

Reasons to Choose Turkish Cotton Towels: An Overview


The most important quality that you’ll look for before choosing a towel is the water-retaining capacity and Turkish cotton towels will never disappoint you on that one.

Thanks to the long-staple fibre lengths that help the towels to become super absorbent.

Long lasting &cost-effective

Perfect for everyday usage, the towels are designed to withstand the test of time and last longer than many other towel materials available today.

Thus, Turkish cotton towels help you to save money in the long run.

Wrapping Up

A white hotel towel that refuses to absorb moisture, lacks softness and costs too high, is surely disappointing.

In comparison, Turkish cotton towels are an excellent luxury item that amplifies your bath space and adds to your daily utility at the same time.

Therefore, should you want to buy white hotel towels and experience happiness and satisfaction everyday, Turkish cotton towels are items to have your eyes set upon.

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