Where Do I Find Trusted Hotel Luxury Bath Linens Online?

The pandemic-induced new normal has compelled us to share a strong penchant for cleanliness products, unlike before. All because personal hygiene is in the spotlight for over two years now. Businesses of all kinds are doing everything needful to ensure the safety of their clients and customers. The hospitality industry, particularly the luxury five star and seven star hotels, deserves a special mention. From choosing the best luxury bath linens online to disinfecting the rooms everyday and replacing hotel towels continually, hotel chains across the world are walking the extra mile to create a safe and pleasant staying experience.

If you’re the proprietor of a stunning boutique hotel like me, I’m sure you must have found yourself confronted with the question, ‘where can I get trusted hotel luxury towels online in the UK’ and the multiple options have left you perplexed.

At least, that was my situation until Soft Touch Linens created a whole new shopping experience. Here, you can explore a wide range of hotel bath products that vouch for cleanliness, hygiene and ultra-comfort.

In this blog, I’ll share the eclectic range of luxury hotel bath linens you’ll find at Soft Touch Linens. So, stay tuned!

The Luxury Bath Linens Online Collection at Soft Touch Linens

1.Luxury Towels: Made of 100% Turkish cotton, the Luxury Towel variety is noted for offering superior absorbency, a reason why this towel is one of the best-sellers. The Luxury Towels are resistant, wonderfully soft to touch and easy to maintain. Weighing 600 GSM, these towels strike the right balance between opulence and functionality. The signature rounded edges render a touch of elegance to the towel’s appeal. The striking features of these towels include durability, absorption and softness. A purchase of these towels guarantees quality and comfort.

2.Classic Towels: The beauty of these towels lies in their attractive colours. Available in white, anthracite and silver grey, the Classic Towels amplify the modern interior decor of the bathroom almost instantly. These extra plush luxury towels are made from 100% carded Turkish cotton and savour the reputation of transforming ordinary bathrooms into magnificent spas. The towels boast a considerable 500 GSM and are constructed for a long-lasting use. Thanks to the quality Turkish yarn, it has a remarkable ability to absorb moisture compared to other cotton yarn. Should you desire offering your guests spa-like

  • Softness
  • Smoothness
  • Superior absorbency

Soft Touch Linens – The Best Place to Find Luxury Bath Linens Online

With the description of the three varieties of luxury bath towels, I come to the end of the blog. Purchasing the Luxury Towels in bulk for my boutique hotel has been worth the shot and I hope you enjoyed this brief round-up of their luxury bath linens online products. Furthermore, let me also share that Soft Touch Linens is one of the best towel supplier UK and is well-known for delivering an exhaustive luxury linens shopping experience online for business owners and individuals. That was my opinion about their luxury linen range after using it for a month or two. Now, why don’t you go and choose your preferred luxury towel variety and share your feedback?

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