Which Are the Most Comfortable Luxury Bathrobe Materials?

What’s the simplest way to pamper yourself? Have an amazing cup of cappuccino at Costa Coffee. Spend a few hours at a relaxing spa session. Or even better, get yourself one of the best luxury bathrobes.

Bathrobes are an amazing personal product that defines the best of both the worlds – luxury and necessity. After a long relaxing shower, there’s nothing like slipping into a soft and warm bathrobe. And do you know which is the most comfortable garment for wearing at home and completing your tasks? It’s a bathrobe, again! Whether you’re watching a movie, reading a book or writing an e-mail to your client, a bathrobe never fails to comfort you, no matter what you’re doing. And much of the comfort along with the warmth and softness comes from the fabric.

With the plenty of bathrobe materials available today, it’s natural to wonder if all of them offer the same level of comfort and pleasure after wearing it. Are you too having the same thoughts? Keep calm! We’ll tell you the most comfortable luxury bathrobe materials that worth your attention.

Let’s begin!

The Most Comfortable Luxury Bathrobe Materials

Cotton Waffle: The signature square 0r diamond texture pattern is the characteristic feature that distinguishes cotton waffle bathrobes from the other materials. As it’s composed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, the bathrobes are absorbent, breathable and quite lightweight. Cotton waffle bathrobes are affordably priced and ideally purchased in bulk to be used in hotels and spas where bathrobes are required more frequently. These bathrobes flaunt kimono style with a waist belt, two front pockets and a tailored collar. One word, they’re beautiful!

Cotton Velour: “Is that a velvet bathrobe?” This is what you’ll be asking the moment you see a cotton velour bathrobe at a glance! But let us clear the air for you. A cotton velour bathrobe looks like velvet because of its texture. Perfect for wearing on cold winter evenings, this soft, plush bathrobe offers maximum warmth coupled with smooth and soft touch against your skin.

Cotton velour is one of the choicest materials for those who appreciate pampering day after day, without any compromise. Containing 80% cotton, these bathrobes are long-lasting, plush and very soft, wrapping you in luxury everytime you wear it.

Turkish Cotton: Turkish cotton is already popular for creating highly absorbent and soft towels. When Turkish cotton is used to make bathrobes, the only result is – soft and elegant luxury bathrobes. Turkish cotton bathrobes feature as one of the best amenities for guests at top-class luxury hotels and resorts. Afterall, who doesn’t want to wear luxury and make the most of their stay? Turkish cotton as a material is well-known for its power of absorption. So, when you clad in a Turkish cotton bathrobe after a bath, you can rely on its ability to get you dry faster.

Compared to cotton velour bathrobes, Turkish cotton bathrobes are lighter in weight but absorb water more quickly than other cotton varieties. Apart from touching your skin softly, this bathrobes material hardly becomes threadbare, regardless of how many times you’re washing it. Isn’t that great?

Cotton Terry: Cotton terry bathrobes are available in a wide variety of thread counts and weights. But what remains constant is its power to absorb moisture while providing superior comfort and luxury. Mostly made of Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton, these robes are a popular choice for the hospitality business and also for personal use. So, whether you want to slip into it after a shower or gift it to your friend on his/her birthday, cotton terry bathrobes should be your number one choice.

Guess what? Terry waffle is another variation that combines softness, high-absorbency and an attractive appeal for its special gridded pattern. Don’t like white? If you’re buying Terry waffle bathrobes from a leading towel manufacturer in UK like Soft Touch Linens, you’ll love the four stunning Terry waffle bathrobe colours available with them.

Final words: Purchasing a bathrobe is not a simple feat. Besides considering the size, colour, length and style, the fabric is the ultimate factor that decides which bathrobe is best suitable for you. Choosing the best luxury bathrobe material from the plethora of options is a little daunting. But now that you know the most comfortable bathrobe fabric, you can easily identify the bathrobe meant to keep you comfortable and relaxed. If you’re searching for the cosiest, softest and highly-absorbent luxury bathrobes, the exclusive collection at Soft Touch Linens will surely leave you impressed.

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