Who Else Wants to Know the Best Luxury Bathrobe Materials?

Many relate bathrobe to luxury. The incredibly soft and cosy feeling that you get after slipping into a bathrobe, evokes a luxurious feeling from the inside, almost spontaneously. This is especially true when you’re clad in a luxury bathrobe after a good rinse; with comfort oozing out from every inch of the fabric, it’s difficult not to love the comfort that you’re wrapped in. Wearing a luxury bathrobe entails a pleasant experience everyday. Whether you slip into a bathrobe after a shower or wear it to complete your household chores comfortably, love for luxury bathrobes is undeterred and invariable. In fact, if you’re wondering that only upscale hotels enjoy access to the best luxury bathrobes in the world, well, it’s time to replace such old-fashioned thoughts.

Luxury bathrobes have always been a trademark in the hospitality industry but now you can have the same oh-so-soft feeling in your home too. All you need to know is which fabrics create the best luxury bathrobes. Let’s dive in!

Materials that Make the Most Comfortable Bathrobes

Cotton Waffle – The diamond or checkered patterns is the most distinguishing feature of the waffle weaved cotton bathrobes. Apart from having high demands in hotels and spas, cotton waffle bathrobes are one of the most preferred gifting items as they are not only affordable but also have excellent absorbency. The stylish appeal of cotton waffle bathrobes is a feature that cannot be disregarded. Unlike other bathrobe materials, these undergo pre-shrinkage treatment to avoid shrinkage after wash.

Cotton velour – These bathrobes are made of superior quality Turkish cotton and being a dense fabric, cotton velour luxury bathrobes are pretty identical to velvet. The material is thick and soft, imparting a velvety and smooth feel to your skin the moment you wear it. Pick it up for the perfect snuggly lounging or if you want to watch Netflix and chill on a winter evening in a super comfy way.

Poly/Cotton waffle – The square waffle design that garnered so much attention in the cotton waffle bathrobes, once again makes a striking appearance in the terry waffle bathrobes. Made from premium quality Turkish cotton, blended with polyester for the ultra-soft and swanky waffle bathrobe is a popular choice among customers for its outstanding power of absorption and elegant appeal. The Waffle bathrobes are available in a diverse range of thread counts and weights. How good absorbent is the waffle bathrobe is determined from the number of thread counts – the higher the thread count, the better is the absorbency. If you plan to be clothed in a waffle robe after bath, mark our words when we say you’ll love the softest touch and the warmest hug that you’ll be welcomed with, day in and day out.


P.S. Are you looking for the ideal post-shower wear? A 100% Turkish cotton Terry bathrobe is the best bet. Super soft, comfortable and plush, these bathrobes are also available in a rich set of colours.

Which Luxury Bathrobe Material Has the Highest Demand?

The demand for Turkish cotton luxury bathrobes in high-end spas and hotels have increased manyfold over the last few years. The reason is simple – quality. The long Turkish cotton staple fibers are woven together to design the most luxurious and high-quality bathrobes that are best suited for personal usage as well as in the hospitality industry. High-absorbency and quick-drying property are the two most distinct qualities of Turkish cotton bathrobes. Not to forget, these soft and comfortable bathrobes also take care of your personal style by shrouding you in elegance and gracefulness, from top to toe.

Final word: Choosing the right fabric is the key to having the most comfortable and softest bathrobe to indulge in everyday. Besides, a luxury bathrobe can never become antiquated; more than a luxury, it is the necessity that adds value to your bathing experience and keeps you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. However, due to the vast options of bathrobe fabrics available today, determining the best one on your own can be very daunting, particularly if you aren’t aware of the speciality of each material. So, the next time you’re confused about the best luxury bathrobe fabric, keep in mind the above-mentioned materials so that one look and you know which luxury bathrobe deserves to be your own. Soft Touch Linens is a notable manufacturer of luxury bath mats, bedding, towels, table linen, toiletries and more. Our eclectic range of luxury bathrobes entails Elegant Waffle, Balmoral Towelling, Majestic Velour, Terry Waffle and Embroidery varieties.

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