Why I Loved Soft Touch Linens’ Luxury Hotel Bathrobe in UK?

A soft, fluffy and absorbent bathrobe has always been my bath time requirement since the age of 15. After a warm and relaxing shower, fitting myself in a 70 x 130 cm bath towel was really a struggle. I wanted something that I can put on easily without bothering about space. It should be soft on my skin, absorbent and most importantly, make me look pretty. That’s when I started searching for the best luxury hotel bathrobe in UK. Who doesn’t want plush bathrobes like the ones used in five star hotels? At least, it was in my wishlist for a long long time. Finally, Ziya, one of my closest friends, introduced me to her gorgeous luxury bathrobe collection.

“Nora, here you go. You’ll certainly find your pick from among them”, she said.

And then she laid before me the Elegant Waffle, Balmoral Towelling, Majestic Velour and Terry Waffle bathrobes. Initially, I was bemused, not knowing which bathrobe would be suitable for me.

After Ziya explained the factors that make a wonderful bathrobe, I said ‘yes’ to the Majestic Velour variety and welcomed her to my home!

So, that was how I got introduced to Soft Touch Linens’ luxury bathrobes and since then, it’s been my go-to place for bathrobes and even towels (I have found the most premium quality towels with Ziya and I love them too!)

I know you must be thinking why I am so full of praises about the bathrobe. I’ll explain it all in this blog. Keep reading!

Top Reasons to Love Soft Touch Linens’ Luxury Hotel Bathrobe in UK

Quality and material: The Majestic Velour bathrobe is made of 100% Turkish cotton and you can already imagine how comfortable it is! The fabric is ultra-soft on my skin and never fails to give me that warm hug whenever it’s on me. That the bathrobe is made of premium quality material, there is no doubt about it. I wear it after a shower and even on cold days when I need the warmest wrap around me. As a highly absorbent bathrobe, it soaks up the remnant moisture from my body quite impressively.

Colour: Nothing can beat the elegance of a white luxury bathrobe. Since the time I have stayed at Bovey Castle, a luxury hotel in Dartmoor, I always wanted to have a bathrobe like that. And purchasing a white luxury hotel bathrobe in UK brought me closest to my goal! The Majestic Velour looks very appealing despite the pristine colour. There is a kind of sophistication that I can’t describe it so fluently. You need to see it yourself to understand it.

Soft Touch Linens’ coloured bathrobe collection is equally stunning. The Terry Waffle bathrobes are available in soothing camel, grey and vibrant anthracite colours and my next target is to get my hands on the camel coloured Terry Waffle bathrobe.

Length: I never liked bathrobe that went above the knee or long enough to sweep the floor. Choosing the correct bathrobe length is essential for it can make or break the entire look. A bathrobe that went till my calf seemed perfect for me. Thankfully, the Majestic Velour bathrobe has the ideal length and I can wear it post shower or even while working from home!

Design: If I choose a bathrobe that I am going to wear throughout the day, shouldn’t I be a little concerned about the design and appearance? The Majestic Velour bathrobe scores 10 on 10 when it comes to making a style statement. The super soft shawl collar coupled with a waist belt and two front pockets bestow me with a luxurious look whenever I am wearing it. The beauty of the bathrobe lies in its simplicity. The fabric, quality, features and colour all add to the bathrobe’s gracefulness and sophistication.

Wrapping Up: With this, I come to an end of why I loved the Majestic Velour bathrobe from Soft Touch Linens. Determining the best luxury hotel bathrobe in UK is not an easy feat, especially since there are so many hotel linen suppliers competing to stand out. All thanks to Ziya for helping me to discover the most remarkable luxury bathrobes that will always be special to me.

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