Why Should You Buy Luxury Hotel Bathrobe in UK From Soft Touch Linens?

Amelia is fond of everything good in life. ‘Live life king size’ or ‘queen size’ in her case, is the thought she loves to live by. And that’s the reason why she purchases everything branded; no matter what the cost may be, it has to be of the highest quality. Just a few days ago, she was searching for the best luxury hotel bathrobe in UK and none of the options seemed to satisfy her soul. After listening to my recommendation, she headed to the Soft Touch Linens store online and happiness was pretty clear on her face!

Ten minutes and she already had 1 Balmoral Towelling Bathrobe and 1 Anthracite Terry Waffle bathrobe in her cart.

“Weren’t you the one who looked at five different bathrobe stores for an hour and didn’t like any of it?” I asked.

“Ziya, these bathrobes look so appealing at the first glance. And the jet black colour? It’s so unique! I’m sure they will be soft and cosy enough as a bathrobe should be. Can’t wait to get my order delivered!”

In a market that is flooded with countless stores offering luxury bathroom products, Soft Touch Linens has managed to successfully draw the attention of picky buyers like Amelia with its exclusive bathrobe collection. I am sure even you are a bit choosey about purchasing your bathrobe.

Will the material be soft and absorbent?

Can I wear it throughout the year?

Is it long-lasting?

These are just some of the factors you will consider before deciding whether or not you should ‘buy now’ a bathrobe from Soft Touch Linens.

Let’s do one thing. I’ll tell you about the different varieties of bathrobes that you’ll find in this online linen store. That way you’ll feel more confident with your choice.

Excited? So am I! Let’s begin.

Into the World of Soft Touch Linens’ Luxury Hotel Bathrobes in UK

The Elegant Waffle Bathrobes: Bathrobes didn’t become one of the most comfortable garments due to the material alone. How the fabric is woven or sewed also creates a greater difference in the level of comfort offered to the wearer. The Elegant Waffle bathrobes carry a textured elegance, to say the least.

The fancy pattern is woven with simplicity that makes them timeless pieces catering to the preferences of every individual. Comprised of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, these bathrobes are lightweight and flaunt the popular kimono style. The fabric is soothing on the skin, dries quickly and perfect for wearing after a bath, at the pool or beachside.

Balmoral Toweling Bathrobe: If you’re at Soft Touch Linens wanting to buy linen online, overlooking this delicately designed piece is an offence you wouldn’t want to commit! Crafted with excellence, the Balmoral Towelling bathrobes are indulgently soft and highly-absorbent, just as you’ve imagined your ideal bathrobe!

Composed of 100% premium Turkish cotton, the bathrobe boasts of elegant features like a shawl collar, belt and wide cuffs. Weighing 400GSM, it’s the perfect weight that you would want to wear throughout the day, whether doing your household chores, working from home or after a refreshing bath, this bathrobe variety promises luxurious comfort without bargain!

Majestic Velour Bathrobe: “Is that a velvet bathrobe?” I know many of you must be thinking the velour bathrobe to be a member of the velvet family (VELvet+VELour – sounds as well as looks similar, isn’t it?) but surprisingly, velour bathrobes are not made of velvet but 100% Turkish cotton.

These bathrobes are well-known for imparting undisputed warmth and having a distinguishable lustre. The Turkish cotton fibers are carefully woven together to make extremely cosy robes that you can wear and indulge in your favourite activities, stylishly.

Want to pamper your guests with the best luxury hotel bathrobes in UK? The soft, snug and highly-durable Majestic Velour Bathrobes can create a unique comforting experience for guests at your luxury hotel. With the long full sleeve design, unisex shawl collar, secure belt and two distinct front pockets, this bathrobe can style your guests or you elegantly for sure.

Terry Waffle Bathrobe: Presenting the most vibrant and visually appealing product of Soft Touch Linens, the Terry Waffle Bathrobe. These 100% Turkish cotton bathrobes evoke the happiness of wearing a new bathrobe, so what if you’ve washed it for 5 or 7 times!

The bathrobes are designed in a way to preserve its fresh look, colour and feel even after several washes. The bathrobe has a quick drying time and it’s all for the waffle weave that allows air to flow easily within the fabric. Wear it in summer or winter, this bathrobe will keep you cool or warm adjusting to your body’s need.

Soft Touch Linen’s Terry Waffle bathrobes are excellent absorbents (read: I am not mentioning their power of absorbing water only!); these bathrobes can soak body lotion, creams and oils, a reason why they have so high-demand in spas, salons and sauna rooms. Bored of white? The exquisite Terry Waffle bathrobes are available in an attractive range of colours like silver grey, anthracite and camel.

Final word: Choosing a bathrobe that meets all your requirements is a complicated procedure. You need to think about the various factors because who wants to be disappointed with their purchase, anyway? You’re looking for a bathrobe that you’ll love to wear everyday and wouldn’t mind indulging in it, whatever it may cost, only if it promises to satisfy you completely, right? From whatever I have said about the four sought-after varieties of Soft Touch Linens’ luxury hotel bathrobes in UK, I am very much sure you’ll find your pick, just as Amelia did.

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