Your Perfect Size Guide When Buying Bathrobes Online

Shopping for anything has become so easy now. Thanks to the trend of online shopping, now you can buy anything you need from the comfort of your home. From groceries, medicines to clothes, cosmetics and alcohol, both essential and non-essential items are just a click away from being delivered right at your doorstep. And when buying bathrobes online, nothing could be a more convenient option than this. Quickly, you search for the type of bathrobe you are looking for, choose the colour, design, style and size and place your order. But with so many online stores selling luxury bathrobes, confusion is bound to make its way, especially when size is concerned and that’s when a size chart comes to play.

For anyone shopping for a bathrobe online, a size chart comes handy as it helps to understand the proper measurements and thereby obtain the best fit of garment. However, at times, you may make miscalculations and end up selecting an inappropriate bathrobe size. To save you from disappointments, we’ll tell you how to be sure that your next bathrobe will fit properly. Read on!

1. Understanding bathrobe measurements: Getting the appropriate bathrobe fit is easier when you understand the measurements manufacturers generally refer to. When selecting a bathrobe size, take note of the following specifications:

Length: This is the measurement between the bathrobe’s collar and the ankle.

Sleeve: Considering the length of the sleeves is also important when buying a bathrobe. Whether you want the sleeves to be short or long is better understood when you measure the sleeve length which is the distance between the shoulder and cuff.

Width: This refers to the bathrobe’s circumference. It helps you to know whether the bathrobe will be too tight or loose around the hip and legs after wearing it.

Belt: The size of the belt is directly dependent on the measurement of the waist. So, if your waist size is 34 inch, the belt’s measurement must be proportionate to that.

2.Finding your measurements: There is nothing better than taking your personal measurements first and then buying bathrobes online. Don’t rely on guesswork should you want to avoid return & replacement hassle. With a measuring tape, take the important body measurements before choosing a particular bathrobe size.

Shoulder: Take it from one shoulder end to the other

Chest/bust: For women, measuring the circumference of the bust area will give the bust size. For men, measure from one armpit to another (this also includes the shoulder and back widths) to get the perfect chest size.

Waist & hip: Measuring the waist and hip also play a crucial role in determining the right bathrobe size. Many people think that waist and hip are the same but that’s wrong. The portion below your waist is the hip. So, measure both hip and waist separately before deciding the bathrobe size.

3.Study the size chart carefully: Now that you’ve taken your body measurements, it is time to look at the size chart for the bathrobe that you wish to purchase. When buying linen online, you’ll find some manufacturers mentioning general size patterns (XS, S, M, L, XL) and others may follow the one-size-fits-all form.

Conclusion: Shopping bathrobes online is undoubtedly an exciting experience. But your happiness doubles up when you find that finally, you’ve purchased a bathrobe with the right fit. Choosing the correct bathrobe size entails a consideration of several factors that adds to the functionality and feel of the bathrobe. With the above-mentioned points in mind, go on and buy your bathrobe smartly. Soft Touch Linens is notable for its luxury bathrobe collection. Available in various colours, designs and styles, the bathrobes define the best of both worlds – comfort and quality.

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